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Black and Decker Coffee Maker: A Tradition Of Affordable Excellence

  A Black and Decker coffee maker is synonymous with excellence.

There is a great demand for stylish, high quality, affordable coffee makers, and a Black and Decker coffee makers provides all of this and much more.

A Wide Variety of Sizes, Styles and Features

If you want a selection on coffee makers, Black & Decker have many to choose from. Some of the most popular models include the following -


These are perfect for the dorm, apartment or at work. They can be mounted underneath the cabinetry and still produce 12 cups of perfectly brewed coffee. The Black and Decker ODC450 is available with a glass carafe, while model Black and Decker Spacesaver ODC400 is available with a thermal carafe and digital display.

SmartBrew Plus 12 Cup Programmable

Smart Brew CM2500B lets you set it to brew right before you crawl out of bed and you can also pour yourself a cup without having to worry about the drips. The carafe is specially designed for no drip pours and it comes with a Sneak-a-Cup feature. This is great for the impatient person who just can’t wait for the brew cycle to finish. No drips here, either.

Black and Decker Smart brew DCM2160B also has a removable brew basket, so cleaning is easy. The basket is also dishwasher safe. This can really be beneficial if you have hard water, as it’s difficult to get the buildup out of a brew basket that is attached to machine.

Café Noir 10 Cup Programmable

Beautifully designed to accent any décor, this programmable Black and Decker Coffee Maker is sleek and stylish. This model, DCM1400B, is available with a fully programmable timer/clock and will have a terrific cup of coffee waiting for you as you start your day.

Personal Coffee Maker

These little coffee makers are for the person who wants a hot, fresh cup of coffee every time. It has a build in filter, so you needn’t buy paper filters. You can brew an 8oz to 12oz cup of coffee right into your favorite mug. The DCM18 and DCM18S come with a travel mug, as well as an automatic shut off feature.

There are many more models of coffee machnes available from Black and Decker. You will find machines that brew 12, 10, 8 and 5 cups of coffee as well machines that will brew a single cup.

Most of the models have trendy thermal carafes that keep your coffee warm for up to four hours. Most are available in white and black but some have beautiful brushed chrome or stainless steel accents. You will also find a few models that are available in a stylish red, such as model Black and Decker DCM675RF.

Great Quality at an Affordable Price

Black and Decker beats the competition hands down when it comes to offering quality and affordability to its customers. These products are designed to last a long time even when used every morning for a quick pick-me-up and every night for a great way to end the day.

You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for with a Black & Decker. In addition to getting a great tasting cup of coffee with a Black and Decker coffee maker you also get a great looking gadget that suits every kitchen or office environment and is easy on the wallet too.

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