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Braun coffee maker models have given coffee making a whole new meaning.   Brewing for perfect flavor, the Impressions collection, the Aroma Deluxe Collection, and the Aromaster Collection at Braun looks good but most of all makes your coffee taste great.

The Braun History

The Braun family of appliances was the brainchild of engineer Max Braun. He began his business in 1921 catering to the still new radio industry, providing components for radios.

In 1928, the company, now producing components for the new plastic industry, moved to Frankfurt and into a new modern building. In 1935, the Braun Brand officially made its appearance and has been the leader in innovation and design of many home appliances.

In 1972, Braun officially introduced the KF20 coffee maker. With its compact design and single heating element for heating water and keeping the coffee carafe warm, this model exceeded sales expectations and became the leader in coffee maker design.

In 2005, Braun celebrated 50 years of success in design and innovation. Not only does Braun look for new technologies to improve its product line but they have a quality control team and system to ensure that industry standards are maintained and exceeded.

The technology and design of its products has been a leader in the industry since the beginning of the company.

Braun Impressions Coffee Makers

Today's consumer has learned to design their kitchens as the center of family life. No longer are the kitchens shut away from daily living but they are the focal point.

Because of this update in our thinking, Braun introduced the Impression Design Collection to make great coffee and fit perfectly into the design of your kitchen.

Not only does the Braun Impression Collection look great but it makes coffee that is hot and just to your liking at the touch of a button.

With its brushed stainless steel design and its construction planned so that your coffee turns out just the way you like it every time, your friends and their taste buds will be impressed with your choice.

Since 2004, the Braun Impression Collection has been fascinating coffee drinkers world wide with its design and irrefutably good tasting coffee.

The Braun Impressions KF600 is designed to filter the water that goes into your coffee, to brew it quickly, and to keep it hot with its insulated carafe.

The Braun Impression KF580E allows you to program it for wake up time and shut off time. It filters your water, brews the coffee quickly, and keeps it hot in the dishwasher safe carafe.

Both of these machines use the gold tone reusable filter, have the pause and serve feature, and provide cord storage in the back of the coffee maker. And both make rich, aromatic coffee for your enjoyment.

Braun Aromaster Coffee Makers

The Aromaster Coffee Makers are the workhorse leaders of the Braun industry. They just keep on making great coffee without all the bells and whistles of other designs.

The drip brew system provides excellent coffee and the dishwasher safe carafe and lid makes clean-up easy. With water level indicators on the brewer and on the carafe, you can see how much coffee you’ll be making and you will be able to tell when it is finished.

With pause and serve features, you won’t have to wait for the coffee to fill the carafe before you have your first cup of the day. Simply remove the carafe, pour your coffee, and replace the carafe so that it finishes filling. It makes no mess and you have coffee when you are ready for it.

Both the Braun Impressions line and the Aromaster line have 1100 watts of power, providing quick brewing time for your coffee. They brew from 4-10 cups of coffee for your family and your guests.

In most reviews, Braun coffee maker owners tend to stick with the Braun brand. When there workhorse finally gives out, they purchase another Braun coffee maker. When they want to upgrade style of their machine, they purchase another Braun coffee maker.

With Braun’s proven leadership in the industry, coffee just doesn’t get any better. Come home to Braun and see what you’ve been missing.

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