Bunn 350S Coffee Maker

by AJ

The best thing about my Bunn 350S coffee maker is this is that there is a tank that keeps water hot at all times. So, when you pour in a jug of water and close the lid, it will use the water already in there and replace it with the water you just poured in which it will then heat in the tank. That way it is very fast and the water is at the optimum temperature for brewing.

I got a Bunn because my brother in law works there and can get a good discount for family members. The model was arbitrary based on what we told him he wanted, what was available at what price at the time.

We have had this for perhaps 5 years and in these years I have never had to deal with their customer service. I've not owned another coffee machine before this one, rather have previously always used a french press which I still prefer for the taste, but takes more cleaning and effort.

I'm very happy with the Bunn coffee machine and I can only think of 2 drawbacks: The tank keeping water hot will continue to drain electricity unless you turn it off but that would defeat the purpose of having it. You can, however turn off the tank when you know you are not going to be using it for a while and then turn it back on a little while before you know you will want to use it again.

The other thing is that if you do leave it on and don't use it for a little while, some of the water in the tank will evaporate, so when you pour in a fresh jug of water, you will get less than an entire pot of coffee. You see, pouring water in causes the machine to use that to displace whatever water is holding in the tank, and it will fill up the tank with the hot water percolating through the filter.

But overall I give 5 stars to my Bunn coffee maker.

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