Bunn Coffee Maker - Fast and Flavorful Brewing

Any owner of a Bunn coffee maker would unanimously agree that, “Nothing brews like a Bunn.”

  Since Bunnomatic invented the first paper coffee filters in 1957 and then their first pour over coffee makers in 1963, they have become a top seller of coffee makers and accessories.

After 45 years, Bunn coffee pots are still going strong. With as much as a three-year guarantee on parts and labor, Bunn backs up their claims with action.

Known for quality products, Bunn even carries a line of gourmet foods including steaks and cheesecakes. But of course, Bunn is known best for Bunn coffee makers.

The latest line of coffee machines from Bunn include single brew and 10 cup coffee machines with patented technology for brewing up fast and flavorful coffee that is sure to please family and friends alike.

Technologies include the patented sprayhead design, stainless steel water reservoirs with built-in thermostats, and vacation switches for turning the thermostat off when you will be leaving your home for three or more days.


The Bunn NHBX is a 10-cup brewing system with a porcelain warming plate, a sprayhead that gives maximum flavor extraction from your coffee grounds, an internal thermostat that keeps the water at a constant temperature and a vacation switch that turns the internal thermostat on and off at your convenience.

The best part is that it brews up delicious coffee in just three minutes. The Bunn NHBX is made of stainless steel and offers your choice of black or white accents.

Bunn GRX

The 10-cup Bunn GRX has all the technology of the Bunn NHBX without the stainless steel. It comes in black or white. A special model is made specifically for high altitudes.

Bunn BX

The Bunn BX coffee maker is another 10-cup brewer that comes in stainless steel with white or black accents. It too contains all of the technology available in other Bunns, including the glass carafe and warming plate. High altitude models of the Bunn BX are also available.

Bunn BTX

The Bunn BTX coffee maker again has all of the conveniences and technology of the other 10-cup coffee makers but with a distinctive difference.

The Bunn BTX uses a thermal carafe making the warming plate obsolete. The thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for hours and because it is made of stainless steel insulation, your coffee will not overheat. The carafe is dishwasher-safe.

Bunn My Café Pod Brewer

The Bunn My Café Single-Serve Coffee Brewer comes in automatic or pour over models. Both models feature the stainless steel reservoir with built in thermostat and the patented sprayhead.

The automatic My Café pod brewer attaches to your water line for continuously uninterrupted coffee making. Both models feature nine settings for making your 4 to 12 ounces of coffee the way you like it.

The dispenser is high enough to fit your travel mug! With a 46-ounce reservoir, the pour over model is ready with a fast cup of coffee when you are headed out the door or ready to relax. The pod brewer uses packets of loose coffee contained in a sealed coffee filter.

Just slide them into the pod drawer, close, and start brewing. When brewing is finished, just pull out the drawer and dump the pods into the garbage.

Coffee lovers know that when it comes to great coffee in a snap, they can count on Bunn. Whether you choose the 3-minute full pot of coffee or 30-second single serve brewer, you are sure to love the café quality coffee you will get from a Bunn coffee maker because “Nothing brews like a Bunn”!

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