Jura Capresso Coffee Maker - The Taste Of Good Life

The Capresso coffee maker line of products was introduced by Michael Kramm in 1994.

  His specific purpose was to provide high-end coffee makers to the coffee connoisseur in the United States. He believes that most coffee drinkers in the U.S. have yet to begin to enjoy the variety of Espressos, Lattes and richness of coffees enjoyed by Europeans.

In 2002, the Swiss company, JURA AG joined forces with the American Capresso Inc., to bring some of the best Super Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machines to the U.S.

Established in 1931 in Switzerland, Jura machines are sold around the world for coffee connoisseurs. This team provides you with the most up-to-the-minute technology in the coffee equipment market and allows you to become a coffee barista right in your own home.

The Capresso MT500 & MT500 Plus Coffee Makers

Beginning with the competitively priced Capresso MT500 and MT500 Plus, these Jura Capresso machines offer an alloy body and a stainless steel lined heater mechanism which offers great heat induction.

These are combined in the brewing process and poured into a vacuum topped stainless steel thermal carafe that allows your special brew to stay hot for several hours without burning your coffee. These 10 cup coffee machines produce enough coffee in eight minutes for you and your guests or it will allow you to make less if the demand is less.

Jura Impressa Coffee Centers

The Jura Impressa F9 combines looks and luxury for the coffee connoisseur who desires as much in the showing of the machine as in the taste of the espresso. This coffee center is easy to use and provides you with the ability to make your coffee to cater to your individual tastes and then to make your guest’s coffee to his or her individual tastes.

With the option of five different cup sizes, two temperature settings, three strength settings, and two aroma settings, you are well on your way to satisfying the individual taste needs of each coffee drinker who enters your home.

The Capresso espresso machine, the Capresso Z5 continues to impress by becoming the coffee lover’s dream coffee bar. Cappuccinos, Lattes, Teas, Chocolates and even Ristrettos and Café lungos are available at the touch of a button in this striking coffee center.

Combining style and features, this machine will impress everyone who happens in to your home. They will be amazed at the capabilities of the coffee center and you will be enthralled with the ease with which it blends into your home and your life.

For ease of use, total enjoyment and perfectly artistically balanced looks, the Jura Impressa J5 strives to please and always meets its goal.

Easy to use and easy to clean, this coffee center will tell you when it’s time to add water, when it’s time to add coffee beans, when it’s time to decalcify and can even decide how to make your favorite coffee drink with the simple touch of a button. Or, if you prefer, you can control the dials and choose your own special treat from the many that are available.

Featuring the one touch Cappuccino, the Jura Impressa S9 model comes to the forefront in this display of coffee centers. Elegant in style, features, and design, the Impressa S9 and its sister model, the Jura Impressa S7 will come into your home with designs that flatter and features that impress. Identical except for the housing, you can choose your price range and still have a perfect cappuccino.

With three temperature settings for the water, an integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning arrangement, its own milk container, a height adjustable coffee spout, a way to continuously measure the coffee beans in your grinders, as well as many other features to assure the perfect cup of coffee and cappuccino each and every time it is used, these machines are built to please. With so many built in features, everyone you know will want to be on your guest list.

The automatic coffee centers are known for their variety of drinks, the perfect taste of each chosen drink and their convenience for providing variety at the touch of a button.

The rich taste of the high-pressure grind and brew will satisfy your coffee craving and allow you to pursue the taste of the perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte, and crema as well as hot tea and chocolate in the privacy of your own home.

Comparing the features and the designs of these machines, the coffee lover in you will be thrilled with the variety of coffee drinks that you can make right in your own home.

A Jura Capresso coffee maker is designed to give you the taste of the good life. Their ease of use and flexibility of design will have you bragging to your friends in no time about the perfection and flexibility of making Cappuccinos, Lattes, Cremas, etc., in your own home, in your own way, and in perfect style.

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