Choosing An Espresso Coffee Maker For Home

Getting an espresso coffee maker in your home can’t be just a passing thought, especially if you’re a fan of an Espresso.

  Nowadays, espresso is readily available in most cafés from the ever-present Starbucks to many of the smaller local coffee shops.

However, if you want to enjoy espresso as often as you can without having to go out to drive to the nearest café, then getting an espresso maker for your home could be a really good buy.

With the right espresso coffee maker, you don't have to worry about being able to make an inferior cup of Espresso.

You can invite friends anytime and also serve a variety of espresso-based Cappuccino’s, Lattes and Mochas. So getting the right espresso maker is the most important task for you.

Espresso Coffee Machine Is Different From A Drip Coffee Maker

Espresso is very different from regular drip brew. And that?s the very reason why Espresso machines function differently from a regular drip brew machine.

With a Drip or the regular coffeemaker, water is merely kept in a separate chamber from the coffee grounds. The water is boiled and then it drips on to the ground coffee, thus creates the brew.

But making an Espresso is a bit more complicated than that. The espresso machines force hot water using high pressure through the finely ground coffee. This process gives espresso more concentration of dissolved solids into its body as well as giving it its characteristic Crema.

A Good Espresso Coffee Machine

You don't necessarily have to get the most expensive, high-end espresso maker like the coffee chains to make good espresso. But nevertheless, you would still need to spend several hundred dollars as the cheaper Steam Espresso Makers can't quite make Espresso as good as the pump-driven machines.

And the pump espresso makers do not come very cheap. The difference in the quality comes from the pressures that the machine generates. When buying an Espresso coffee maker always look for a good pump-driven machine that can generate atleast 15 pounds of atmospheric pressure.

Types of Espresso Machines

Lever or Piston or Manual Espresso Machines have been around for a long time, way before the Pump Espresso Makers were even invented. These lever-driven machines use manual force to pump pressure into the hot water. These machines can also generate the high pressures needed for a good Espresso’s.

However, they can also be hard on the arms. The espresso produced can also vary in quality, but when you've had a machine like this for a long enough time, you'll usually get better at making good Espresso more consistently and If your budget doesn't extend to having a pump-driven machine, then these Lever Espresso Makers can be the right coffee maker for your home.

Steam espresso machines, don't produce quite as excellent an Espresso as you can get in a café. They lack the ability to generate sufficient pressure. You also wouldn't be able to get the Crema for your Espresso with these machines.

However, they do have the advantage of being smaller, and if you have limited kitchen shelf space, then these might be what you need.

A good type of Espresso Maker is the pump driven variety and these can generate atleast about 15 pounds of atmospheric pressure and in some machines even 19 bar pressure.

With this kind of pressure the Espresso maker is easily capable of forcing more solids and caffeine into the Espresso all while generating the necessary Crema.

These machines however are the most expensive types can range anywhere from between $ 150 usd to as high as thousands of dollars. But a good cup of Espresso can be easily made by a pump Espresso Coffee Maker which costs only a few hundred dollars.

An important feature to look for in a pump machine is tempreture controls. A good pump espresso machine should be good in regulating the temperature of the hot water to be mixed with the ground coffee.

In Espresso making, if the water you use is a bit cooler than necessary, the espresso becomes sour than needed. When it's hotter than the ideal temperature, the espresso becomes too bitter. That is why the temperature has to be just right. Choosing a machine with an excellent temperature control is hence very important.

Getting the best value for your money from your purchase is all about doing a bit of research before hand. So think of your Espresso coffee maker as an investment and a way of saving the money you usually spend on Cafés before you buy one.

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