Fifty/fifty - My Keurig Coffee Maker - What about Yours?

by Gerri

I like my Keurig coffee maker when it works.

Unfortunately, I have been having several occasions where I start a new cup and the coffee does not dispense. I have to turn the coffee maker off and start over. Sometimes this works, but sometimes I get additional coffee.

Does anyone else have this kind of problem?

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Oct 23, 2014
solution NEW
by: slee

change the type of coffee pod - I've found 2 that cause problems and the problems cease when I change to a different brand of coffee, i.e., 8 o'clock causes problems while Folgers doesn't.

May 09, 2012
Bye, Bye Love
by: Kate

I got my Keurig B79 right b4 Christmas. Got a great deal from QVC including 64 assorted KCups..oh, bliss! It did work..for about 2 secs & had to descale w/n the first 2 wks. Really? I used nothing but purified water. worked..but over a period of weeks, I thought I noticed the cup sizes not always being the same even tho I brew the same sized up..EVERY day..I use the rinse button every now and again 4 good measure. Why? I don't know. Just seemed a good idea @the time(s).
It is now the beginning of May. It won't brew even after descaling & unplugging & cleaning the water reservoir. I am livid. I mean, if I'm going to pay all this money 4 a coffeemaker, why am I having to jump thru hoops for IT?! I hate this thing. I don't need a full-sized coffee maker b/c I am the only 1 who drinks decaf in the house, & I was using instant b/c of that issue and here I am again..drinking substandard coffee because an almost $200 piece of garbage coffeemaker won't work.
I have been reading all the complaints & "cures" 4 these harbingers of rage..and I wonder why a class action suit against the makers hasn't been filed. Seriously, I've seen suits filed for less than this. 5 months...yep..5 months of a coffeemaker we all pay dearly 4. Worth it?

Apr 23, 2012
I hate my Keurig Coffee Maker
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately purchased my Keurig with my air miles. Big Mistake air miles does not accept any returns. DO NOT BUY MERCHANDISE WITH AIR MILES IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT WANT TO RETURN THE PRODUCT. I love my coffee and this machine with its pods just does not make a good cup. All the pods I have tried have a chemical after taste.

Apr 22, 2012
Hate Mine
by: Kris

Got it as a gift from my mother in law. Stupid thing never primes. May get a cup of coffee after 6 minutes of fighting with it only to have to reprime again to finish filling my cup.

Sep 11, 2011
Gave up on mine, Replaced.
by: Jean-Claude Lega

I had commented on the Keurig back in April. I gave up on mine and I am in process of destroying it to see if I can find anything useable inside. Even the power cord is too short to be used anywhere else.

I purchased a Cuisinart Keurig brewer. It is still working fine after 5 months, which is a lot longer than the Keurig lasted. We'll see what happens....

Sep 10, 2011
Running Smoothly
by: Anonymous

I originally commented on March 31 regarding
my machine not working after two weeks. I wanted to follow up to say my replacement machine has been fine for 6 months now. My discovery was to be sure to push the cup directly down on the needle before lowering the lid. This has given me success every time.

Sep 10, 2011
by: Nick of Las Vegas

We have 2 Keurigs one at home and one at work. the one at home has been working everyday for 3 years and the one at work crapped out in 6 months. it says to descale but will not do anything to help the process. I think it is mechanical because i dont hear it trying to pump up the water when the button is pressed. I think Keurig has everyone hooked like addicts and they working it hard. They see all these problems and offer no solutions. Keurig sounds German to me, why is it manufactured in China with all the other crappy, lead poisoned, melamine ridden, radon laddened shit that our greedy government allows to come in to our beautiful country.
I bet they use Keurigs in the White House no wonder they can't think, they never get their morning COFFEE!

Jul 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have had the exact same problem. The customer service rep told me to press the air out of the k-cups by pressing onto the needle manually before I close the top, because the air was probably going back into the water line. This seemed to work for a while, but I'm having the same problem again that you are having.

Jul 13, 2011
Keurig fix

I have had my Keurig almost 2 years with very few problems. However, a couple of time it has stopped dispensing water. I have 2 things that have worked for this maker.
1) Simply turning the machine off for a few minutes seems to reset whatever is going on.
2) When that didn't work, I cleaned the machine with vinegar. I do that regularly and have had great success. My regular maintenance with the cleaning (1-3 mos)keeps me from having problems, but when I do have a problem, I realize it's been a while since the last cleaning.
I hope this helps. I, as well, do not want to regularly replace my Keurig! So far, we're still on our original machine!

Jun 13, 2011
Will it work this time ?
by: Johnny

I am on my second Elite Series Keurig Coffee maker. The first one lasted a year maybe, with unusual results every cup.Water would go back into the reservoir and water would fill a mug from 1/2 to 3/4 full at any given time, with no consistent cups ever. We took it back, and we are now on our second unit, which performs poorly, as the unit never fills a mug properly. It takes 2 cycles with the small setting to fill a typical mug. Why do we have to rely on substandard China made products, that cost so much to begin with and perfom so darn poorly. I would gladly shell out good money for something that works consistently..The Keurig is not cheap dollar wise, but it is cheap performance wise..Unhappy with my coffee machine....Johnny

Jun 12, 2011
by: Liz

Just called keurig. Coffee maker fixed! Take paper clip and put thru the 3 holes under where the punch is for the kcups. (under the handle when you pull it up) she said to go in 2 in. And wiggle around. This loosened the coffee grounds. Then we ran 8 oz cups a few times until water was clear.. Had tons of coffee grounds come out. We also had descaled it w/ white vinegar b4 this. Keurig was very nice and patient. We will be doing this prob every 3 weeks or so. Love the coffee now in love w/ the maker again!

Apr 27, 2011
What did we expect form Chinese products?
by: Jean-Claude Lega

I am having the same problem. Sometimes it brews, sometimes it does not. This is the FIRST cofee pot/brewer that I will have to discard before its time. I must have been crazy to believe this piece of junk, made in China, could perform its functionm for more than a few weeks!

Will continue my search for a viable coffee brewer, if there is one.

Apr 16, 2011
only works about half the time
by: Elizabeth in Ohio

I received my Platinum Keurig as a Christmas gift and it worked great for about 2 months. Now it is about half the time that I start it and nothing comes out. I have to unplug, reset, and start over and then it sometimes brews too much or will still not brew. Very frustrating.

Apr 13, 2011
keurig -de-scale
by: Anonymous

Mine has had various "not brewing' problems, draws up water then nothing comes out, interesting noises, etc. its recently said to de-scale it, so we did that, then it worked great for a week, now its saying to de-scale it again....i tried..and it wont even run the vinegar through. we havehad it almost a year..very frusterating!

Mar 31, 2011
Wish I read these reviews before purchasing
by: Anonymous

I bought my machine on 3/13/11 and it stopped brewing 2 weeks later. I have a B31. The customer rep was very polite and a new machine arrived today. I'm hanging on hoping I don't have a repeat performance. It sounds as though this machine has flaws common to so many people. The irony, I tried the one I bought originally and now it's brewing. I have feeling these machines are hit or miss.

Mar 31, 2011
Same frustrating problem
by: Anonymous

My coffee pot says it is brewing and then nothing comes out!!! Very frustrating first thing in the morning!

Mar 21, 2011
Gave up
by: GSWife

Decided it just wasn't worth my time and trouble to keep my Keurig. Apparently it's crap. There should not be this many complaints about new coffee machines!!! So I decided to splurge on a Swiss-made Jura. A lot more money ($800), but so worth it if it holds up as I suspect it will -- and I couldn't find the complaints on it that I found on the Keurig.

Mar 21, 2011
Yet another
by: Anonymous

we recieved our keurig as an xmas present. Although we havent had any problems with the unit shutting off(yet), when I want to fill a 20 oz cup of coffee, I hit the bigger cup option, and the machine barely fills the bottom of my cup. We are not sure what to do about this problem. Can you all give me a number to call. We threw away the box thinking that this machine was indesstructable.

Feb 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Same problems with ours. We received our coffee poat as a Christmas present 2010 and it worked great in the beginning. In January it would take the water like it was going to make a cup of coffee and then nothing. After calling Keurig, we went through the paper clip thing and it still did not work, so they sent me another one. They said to send back the kcup to show ownership after we get our new machine. When the new coffee pot arrived, there was no label or anything to send the kcup back to them, so I called. The customer service rep said that we are to send the kcup back in a padded envelope to them. My beef with this is, it's not my fault that the coffee pot broke, why do I have to pay to send something back to them? Did any of you have to send the kcup back at your expense?

Feb 16, 2011
Goes off
by: Anonymous

We received the Keurig for Christmas. Every couple of weeks it shuts off. You get up in the morning and it's power. If you hit the reset button it comes back on. It's not the plug becuae it would have trip the reset button on the outlet, and the outlet is fine.Just the coffee machine. Called the Keurig and they say maybe the Auto-off button is on. I don't think so. If that was true it would be going ff all the time. If it was the outlet I would be having other issues. Did not get my question answered by the technical support. So it's still a question

Feb 12, 2011
Same problem here
by: GSWife

In the past, my Keurig wouldn't draw up water consistently -- it was hit and miss. Now it won't draw up water at all, other than what it draws up and puts right back into the tank. Does anyone know how to fix it??

Jan 19, 2011
3rd machine
by: Anonymous

This is the 3rd one I have gotten. The first 2 would say it is brewing and nothing no water, then if it started hot water would go back into the water tank.

Jan 11, 2011
Same problem with the Platinum model less than a month old...
by: Peggy in Phoenix

It was an XMAS gift I was really looking forward to ~ got it just a few short weeks ago (Dec 25th 2010). When it took in water from the reservoir the very first time and didn't produce any coffee, we thought "user error" and re-read the manual before retrying the brew cycle settings again, and again..and again. Most of the time it takes 2-3 tries with resets in-between to get a cup to come out, and then often it overflows the cup with a watered-down version of coffee from having taken in more water with each brew cycle. This morning I waited 15 minutes to get a cup to brew after 4 attempted cycles: talk about frustrating! Will be taking it back to Costco for a replacement, but after reading all of these comments,I have a feeling it'll be more of the same; just a matter of how soon. Sigh...sure sounds like a design flaw to me. I'm ever-hopeful, however, as I really love it when it decides to work!

Jan 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just want to add my voice to what I am reading on this site from other users. And, I will just say ditto. Having same problems after only owning it for about 7 months with very little use. It is a model B-31.

Jan 09, 2011
Brewer malfunction
by: Anonymous

I was so happy to recieve my Keurig brewer for Christmas and after setting the brewer up (as it states in manual) I was set to enjoy my first kup.. What a big letdown to wake up early ang get ready for work and waste 15 minutes constantly resetting the machine and praying that the next time it says BREWING that it will actually do so. I've been sent free KCups and walked throught the paperclip needle prodding over the phone by customer service but the issue always comes back!!! I am ready to break out my old coffee maker /pot.. UGGHH!

Jan 02, 2011
Any others have this?
by: Michael

Our problems seem to be the same as most everyone else, with one exception. Our machine works fine when only using it for water. Once the Kcup goes in though, it's all over the map. We'll get a partial cup, then reseat the pod at which point only the big cup light is on. We'll hit that and get a little more coffee. Once we have hit it enough to get a normal cup, we'll quickly stick another cup under to catch the extra. Most of the times after several stop and goes, a lot of coffee will come out .. even if we lift the handle. At the same time a lot of water drains into the reservoir from the top.

Why does it work fine without a pod inserted, then go whacko with the pod in place?

I'm thinking about springing for the Cuisinart Kcup model, but that's a lot to spend if it has similar issues.

Nov 20, 2010
Count me in
by: Connie

I received the Elite model for Christmas 2009, and purchased one as a gift as well. We both have had problems, although my friend's seems to be working ok. Mine is just junk. I have been trying to descale, but that's very frustrating to do when the machine will only pump 1/4 cups or none at all when trying to cycle through. I will see what Customer Service does. Ironic that their website shows customer reviews of 3.5 stars out of 5. They must delete the complaints. :)

Nov 15, 2010
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem with my Platinum machine after 7 months - not only have problems with the water but I also have a problem with a cup full of coffee grounds after brewing but not for all cups. I have done everything that everyone else has done to see if it would work better. They were to send me a new black seal but they are on back order - guess they have sent quite a few out if they don't have any more. They are sending a new brewer - if this one doesn't work, I will insist that they give me my money back - didn't pay that much for a coffee machine for it not to work.

Nov 08, 2010
Keurig brewer problems
by: Anonymous

I am having the same troulbes with my platinum model. Takes in water from the reserve tank, sometimes it dispenses and sometimes it doesn't. Got my first brewer in March 2010, started having troubles in June. When I called customer support, they had me purge the brewer, clean the needles and de-scale. 2 weeks later started with the same problem. They shipped me a new one which worked fine for about 3 to 4 months and same problem again. Same series of events when I called customer service and I am in the process of receiving my second replacement brewer from Keurig. Definately a design flaw, but at least Keurig customer support has been very accomodating. I'm hoping third time's a charm and that they will eventually work out the bug. I love it when it's working!

Nov 01, 2010
Keurig.. Where Quality control goes out the window.
by: Anonymous

yep, same issue with mine. had a 'special' version sold by Sam's club. first one was noisy, worked for a few weeks then died. would not even turn on. took it back to Sam's and swapped it out. This one worked for 8 months then died. same issue. Called Keurig, they sent me a replacement machine that looked like someone's home science project.. cheaply constructed. It worked, but leaked water from around the K cup holder.. I called, they sent me a new My Kcup and a new K cup holder... same problem... niagra falls... watery coffee. They sent me a gasket, this did not work either.. same issue. Sent me a second machine.. same problem. then upgraded me to a Platnium brewer... AND I get a whole NEW problem. It might brew, might not. I may just suck down water and do nothing.. then after unplugging it, plugging it back in, opening the kcup thing, closing it, pressing the brew button again, it may or may not brew a cup.. it also, may or may not over flow and make a mess.

Quality control stinks.

So again, i'm calling Keurig.. they say they have never heard of this problem and rarely have issues with these brewers.. yet their techs are so busy with calls, they have to give me a 'call back'.


Oct 28, 2010
I'm another one with this problem
by: Cheryl

Well, I haven't had my Keurig for year and it is doing the same everyone is complaining about here. I only use filtered water too. I push the brew button, it sucks down the water and then stops. It doesn't brew. I push the brew button again, because it states "ready to brew" and then nothing. I'll turn it off and on, just thinking it might reset itself. It sucks more water, and stops. I do the whole ritual over again, and then it finally brews, but now it overflows, because it has taken in too much water. This looks like a design flaw for these machines. I can't find my receipt, so I hope I can get a replacement. It is really frustrating, and then to hear all of you with the same problems.

Oct 28, 2010
I'm another one with this problem
by: Cheryl

Well, I haven't had my Keurig for year and it is doing the same everyone is complaining about here. I only use filtered water too. I push the brew button, it sucks down the water and then stops. It doesn't brew. I push the brew button again, because it states "ready to brew" and then nothing. I'll turn it off and on, just thinking it might reset itself. It sucks more water, and stops. I do the whole ritual over again, and then it finally brews, but now it overflows, because it has taken in too much water. This looks like a design flaw for these machines. I can't find my receipt, so I hope I can get a replacement. It is really frustrating, and then to hear all of you with the same problems.

Oct 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have the b-31 mini brewer and loved it until after only 3 months it started acting up.....most of the water will not come out when I start to brew a cup and I have to pour it all out. I thought it would work for at least a year. I am very disappointed

Oct 17, 2010
Coffee maker stalling
by: Kristen

Same here Im going to call them and see about getting a replacement

Oct 16, 2010
Keurig needs to re-vamp!!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm on my 3rd machine in just under a year with the same "brewing" problem. As is my mother-in-law...mine actually was "brewing" the hot water BACK INTO THE COLD WATER RESIVOIR...I called Keurig in January and got a new questions asked. This time around, the rep made me go thru a battery of questions and physical troubleshooting before sending me another. I didn't mind, since it was on file that I'd been sent a replaement before. HOWEVER, if it happens again, I might just go with another brand. I really hope they can fix this's a great machine otherwise.

Aug 27, 2010
Where's Juan Valdez when you want coffee
by: Anonymous

OMG!! I thought we were the only ones with the "pump" issue. We hear it brewing; it says "brewing" then it goes silent. Will call customer service and see if they are SHOCKED that the problem exists...Great web site..Thanks all

Aug 25, 2010
I spelled coffee incorrectly.
by: CT Coffee Lover

I was so upset that I spelled "Coffee" incorrectly! Time for another cup of coffee!

Aug 25, 2010
Yet another problem "brewing"
by: CT Coffe Lover

Just like all of you, I love my Keurig Platinum coffee maker. I got it in January of 2010. Early on, mine was shutting itself off, but then I found the auto on/off button and corrected that problem. Most recently, it shows that it is brewing, makes the noise like it is going to brew, then doesn't. I did the same trick you all have done; turn it off, turn it on; push the button again. Sometimes it works right away, sometimes it doesn't. I get ready with another cup to shove under it because, as others have said, it over dispenses the coffee/liquid. I don't want to send it back because I love it, but I also don't want to send it back and get another problem machine. Wake up Keurig, and smell the coffee--that is if you can brew it first! Please correct the problem.

Aug 12, 2010
Same Here
by: Anonymous

I purchased 3 Keurigs in December 2009, one for my daughter, one for my place of employment, and one for myself. A co-worker also purchased one about the same time. They are ALL doing the same things...shutting down after brewing a cup, making partial cups, not pumping the water, etc... We are all very frustrated.

Aug 02, 2010
Same issue - intermittent success
by: DW

I am so happy (but not happy!) to find this page! I bought one machine for me, one for my mom. Thought the issue was because either 1) got it at Cosco, or 2) bad run from the manufacturer (our serial #s were close). Called, descaled, called, wrote, etc etc. We each got replacements. Her is Platinum, min is the next level down. I now use ONLY bottled water - because the rep said it needed descaling. I've had it since May, descaled once, ONLY use bottled water - and guess what? It's intermittent. Same symptom: sounds like it's brewing, doesn't brew. We change cups, turn off, turn on, try again and again, then all of the sudded: it runs for 3 mugs worth. REALLY frustrating. And the reps we spoke to on every call made it sound like they NEVER heard of this issue! So no resolution, but at least I know it's not just me. Wasting a lot of coffee pods in the meantime.

What can we do?

Jul 17, 2010
Water uptake
by: Anonymous

I was so please to find this site when I googled Keurig Platinum malfunction! We have had our brewer for a year and love it. Just recently it started doing the same thing others have mentioned here and not draw up the water. After a couple of frustrating calls to the company they have decided to replace it. I am a bit worried to hear the some people continue to have problems with the brewer even when it is replaced. I hope it isn't a reoccurring problem.

Jul 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. It turns out the nozzle that pierces the foil on the K-cup and injects the water was clogged. I was able to unclog it using wire brads (thin nails) and a Water Pik. That seemed to fix it.

To prevent the problem from coming back, I store all my K-cups foil up so that there is no coffee at the point of penetration.

Another thing which can cause the same problem is when the puncture on the bottom is not loose enough. If this happens and you want to determine whether the puncture hole is too tight, pull the cup out and rotate it 90 degrees to form a new hole.

Jun 23, 2010
Me too
by: Dale

Having the same issue with mine. When I called customer service the first time, I think I got the affirmative action employee who couldn't get the job at the DMV...utterly useless and acted as if I were the first person to ever have an issue with a Keurig machine. Called again a few days later and they are sending me a new one, so we'll see.

Jun 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

I got my Keurig in Dec 2009 from my Air Miles points. Working wonderfully for the first few months. The first cup of coffee always comes out fine but try to make a second cup and good luck. I remove resevoir and replace. Turn the machine off for 5 minutes and still the same troubles. Either the unit does not draw up the water or now its just brewing a 1/4 cup. What gives

May 28, 2010
Platinum brewer doesn't dispense water
by: Lisa

I hade the exact same problem with my Platinum, and like you, it drove me crazy. After hitting the brew button, it would sound like it was going to dispense the water into the internal tank, but then it would just stop and make a humming/grinding noise. I would have to turn the brewer completely off, then on, at least 3 times, and then it would finally start brewing. But it would over-dispense water and I would have to keep putting mugs underneath the stream to catch the overflow.

I absolutely love the Keurig and the convenience of the K-cups, but I was so disappointed when my brewer started to malfunction after 5 months. I called customer service and the rep had me remove the reservoir and then put it right back in, then brew 3 cycles of just water. Then, she recommended I do a de-scale, even though the de-scale indicator light was not on. After doing these things, the brewer worked fine for about 3 days, then the problem started again. I called Customer Service again last night, and they are sending me a new brewer. Hopefully, I won't have the same problems again because I really don't want to go back to the old way of brewing!

Mar 25, 2010
Love/Hate Relationship
by: Kathie

I've had mine 3 months and it does the same thing. Drives me CRAZY!! Relieved that I'm not the only one with this problem. I love it when it works, want to throw it out the window when it doesn't!

Mar 22, 2010
3 platinum brewers in 3 months
by: Shannon

got a platinum series for christmas and 3 months later it will fire up like it wants to brew, suck the water in and then nothing!!! very frustrating. customer service very helpful and sent new one but it did the same thing straight out of the box. both machines I now have will work intermittently and I'm sure the third one will have problems too. I will change back to a
Senseo after this if problem continues.

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