Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker - Café Quality Coffee At Home!

Hamilton Beach coffee maker is a product from the company who has been in the business of pioneering innovative products for American homes for over 100 years.

  Besides coffee makers and espresso machines, they feature garment care products, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, and commercial products. Some of their appliances are built completely of metal and come in electrifying colors to work in your household's kitchen.

"Go Red For Women" Products From Hamilton Beach

In each of the product categories they feature some 'Go Red' products. These products remind women of the need to prevent heart disease and stroke in women.

For many years, these diseases were considered a man's disease but the American Heart Association has sponsored the campaign to instruct people about the risk of these diseases in women, as well.

Hamilton Beach has entered that campaign with the 'Go Red for Women' products, the purchase of which will help this company donate $850,000.00 to the American Heart Association by February 2009 for research and prevention awareness training about these diseases.

Ensemble 12 Cup Coffeemaker Red & the Eclectrics Moroccan Red All-Metal Coffeemaker are the two models that fall in the 'Go Red For Women' family of the products.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffee Makers

The Brewstation family of Hamilton Beach coffee maker feature one-hand dispensing for your cup of coffee. Using no carafes, these machines brew the coffee and hold it inside the insulated thermal BrewStation until you are ready to dispense it into your cup.

The heater keeps the coffee warm and does away with coffee that tastes burned because it set in a carafe on the hot plate for too long.

These Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffee Makers come in various shapes and sizes. There is a six cup coffee maker as well as 12 cup coffee makers that will allow you to brew one to four cups of coffee or 12 cups of coffee at a time. For a fresh brewed taste and your convenience, give these BrewStation Coffee Makers a chance to prove their worth in your world. 

The 10-12 Cup Coffee Makers

These Hamilton Beach 10-12 Cup Coffee Makers will brew fresh coffee full of flavor for you and your family and guests. They come in various sizes and colors, insuring their design will work with your countertop appliances.

Most of these come with insulated, thermal carafes which will insure that your freshly brewed coffee stays fresh and full of aroma for several hours. These coffee makers are easy to clean and maintain and several come with thermal travel mugs making it easy to take your coffee and head to work or your favorite morning spot when you awake.

With the charcoal based water filter, these coffee makers will turn your water into fresh, filtered, un-chlorinated water just right for making the perfect cup of coffee. The permanent gold tone filter will help filter the grounds out of the coffee so that only the fully flavored coffee reaches your cup.

Hamilton Beach 4-5 Cup Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach also features some 4-5 cup coffee makers. These coffee makers will fit into your apartment kitchen, your home kitchen, your office, boat, RV, or anywhere you need coffee maker but really don’t have a lot of room. Or maybe, you are the only coffee drinker and just don’t need a big coffee maker.

The hot-plate keeps the brewed coffee hot and the machines feature a pause and brew feature. With this feature you can pause in the brewing process, grab a cup of coffee, and return the pot to finish making the rest of your coffee.

The carafes, made of glass, are dishwasher safe making these machines great for quick cups of coffee and quick clean-up.

The Hamilton Beach Cappuccino Plus Espresso Maker

Into this line of coffee makers, Hamilton Beach brings its very own Cappuccino Maker, as well. Featuring freshly made cappuccinos from ESE Pods or ground coffee, you will be thrilled with the deep, rich cappuccinos from this relatively inexpensive cappuccino maker.

The Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Coffeemakers

In this line of coffee makers from Hamilton Beach you will find a variety of colors to express your personality as the company calls it.

With 8 colors to choose from – Apple, pineapple, Licorice(Black), Sea Breeze, Ultra Marine, Sterling and Sugar(White) these all metal, 12 cup coffee makers come with advanced features like a Programmable timer, Pause and serve, automatic shutoff amongst other features. So the looks do not come at the expense of the features in case of the Eclectrics Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach is an icon in kitchen appliances and utensils. They’ve had a long time to come up with perfect designs that will help make your kitchen work better. For a fresh, fully aromatic coffee, well made, turning to Hamilton Beach coffee makers would not be a wrong choice. They make it right.

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