Keurig B70 B77 Problem Solved!

by Chrisnbc
(Lake Charles, LA)

My aunt has a Keurig and I just bought one for my mother and one for me because we like the coffee so much!

Her coffeemaker was giving her trouble - not pumping water through. She tried every cleaning method recommended by Keurig, then she took a can of compressed air - like the kind you use to clean out computers. She put it over the opening as tight as she could as she did not have the "straw" on her can. The "clog" in the water tube dislodged and water sprayed out. (Do this when the machine is cool as hot water can burn!) Her Keurig is now working great!

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May 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have a B40 keurig it only works in the big cup mode any ideas what could be wrong

Apr 16, 2016
Best Fix NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the problem with the prime error message and tried every fix I could find on the internet but no luck. After reading this post I thought that the compressed air might do damage. The turkey baster sounded more gentle. I positioned the turkey baster over the needle and squeezed the bulb. when I released it, it sucked water out. I did this twice turned it back on and now works perfect. Not sure if it was clogged or air bound but it worked. Thanks for the tip!

Apr 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

Was about to throw the unit away until I saw this. the spank/burp method worked on 2nd try. Amazing

Mar 27, 2016
Haaa Haaa.. [mar 201] NEW
by: Anonymous

Titled Bad Idea.. thank for the laugh !!

Mar 07, 2016
Bad idea NEW
by: Anonymous

I found this post and thought I would try my air can as well... BAD IDEA. The machine made a loud pop and then water started pouring out of the bottom. Now I feel like a fool for following these directions. The up side is I called Keurig and they replaced my machine with a new upgraded one. My little fix it self will be calling the company from now on and breaking the machine AFTER they have replaced it :)

Feb 19, 2016
Sweet deal NEW
by: Turtleturbo

Just used a straw to blow as hard as I could after sticking it on the top needle, also did the paper clip thing to the bottom needle and it works just like new.

Dec 31, 2015
It works! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the suggestion! Worked like a charm!

Dec 15, 2015
puncture where? NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm new to Keurig. Puncture a hole on the top or bottom?

Dec 09, 2015
k cup is the fix NEW
by: Anonymous

Simple.. puncture the K-cup before putting it in the more clogs

Dec 09, 2015
Let It Brew NEW
by: Paul Battaiola

The problem with the Keurig is not the brewer, it's the K-cup. When the brewer punctures the K cup some of the coffee blows back into the puncture/water spout. When the blow back gets wet you've got a clog. Here is the fix. Prior to putting the K cup in the brewer puncture it near the center with a push pin or the end of a paper clip. This small hole will relieve the pressure, hence no blow back. We've been doing this for over two years with no plugs. Prior to this we tried the pipe cleaners and all the other fixes.
I wrote Kuerig about this and was told that they don't accept ideas from customers. All they needed to do to solve the problem was put a push pin in with every unit and add the simple instruction... prior to inserting K cup into brewer puncture it with the enclosed push pin. This should eliminate spout clogging. Note that for some reason, Paul Newman K cups frequently leak around the sides. Hope this helps. It did for us.

Jun 18, 2015
Brilliant! NEW
by: Anonymous

Started a new job and they had one that was not working. I figured let me take it home and clean it and see if I can get it going again...tried a few different things but was stuck on the not ready through some of the different things people were using..seeing as I had just used the last of the compressed air I had to blow away some of the coffee grounds that were in the nooks and crannies I had to get creative...someone mentioned using the turkey baster and blowing through it..did that and VOILA!! worked like a charm!! Thank you

May 23, 2015
Thank you! NEW
by: Anonymous

I tried everything then saw this. Used the air compressor and big glob came out. Now it's working perfectly! I had almost given up!! In fact had bought a new one but not unpacked it yet. Thanks so much!

May 22, 2015
B40 blockage NEW
by: Anonymous

Have a B40 with the same problem. Don't have an air compressor so I used a straw and blew thru it. It worked! Thanks for the idea!!!

Mar 05, 2015
Worked!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Oxygen tube on the spout + Air compressor....worked like a charm! Thanks!

Jan 22, 2015
awesome!! NEW
by: Anonymous

The only thing I had to blow air through the overflow was a turkey baster...hey whatever works right?! Thank you!

Dec 08, 2014
Keurig not functioning properly NEW
by: Anonymous

This fix is a winner! Blow air through the overflow. The overflow will be a spout that empties into the top of your water reservoir at the rear of the machine. Got loads of calcium buildup out, descaled with vinegar afterwards

Jan 20, 2014
It does work, if you don't mind being creative... NEW
by: Kathryn

Had to use the blow hole on a vacuum cleaner for mine. I also had to do it several times before the issue cleared entirely. But forcing air through does do the trick.

However this turns descaling into an awfully scary process. Seems like something happens every time I try. D:

Jan 20, 2014
It does work, if you don't mind being creative... NEW
by: Kathryn

Had to use the blow hole on a vacuum cleaner for mine. I also had to do it several times before the issue cleared entirely. But forcing air through does do the trick.

However this turns descaling into an awfully scary process. Seems like something happens every time I try. D:

Nov 17, 2013
Took only a few mins!! Hot coffee again!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Bless you all!! I had stored my machine for about 3 months plugged it in all went good heard the pump then the heater then when it was time for the coffee nothing came out. I tried a few times and still nothing. This was the first place my search took me to! I grabbed my can of air and blew out both hose openings 1 at a time (plugging the other side)Water came out with the 2nd blast of air! I did it a few more times got about a full cup of water out and now it works perfect!!
Thanks so much!!

Sep 17, 2013
I think I got it NEW
by: Shelly

Yes! My Keurig had same symptoms as yours. I have descaled with vinegar a few times over the past 2 years when it stopped working to let me know it was time to do it.
This time , however, I descaled and it worked. Thought I fixed the problem. Next AM, not working. I repeated the descaling process and used paperclip to clear out top opening. Still nothing. Then, I found this site. I didn't have a bottle of compressed air so, I took Keurig to garage and used big compressor. I used small 3/8" tubing to hold into the bottom water inlet. Shot air thru and voila! Water coming thru like a champ! Along with lots of coffee grounds.

Aug 24, 2013
Keurig NEW
by: J

My Keurig is only 7 months old and started sounding like it was running in slow motion a couple of days ago. Tried descaling--nothing. In fact, during descaling it got worse and stopped drawing water altogether. Hubby suspected an air bubble or some kind of blockage. Tried the paper clip--nada, tipping back and 'burping' the machine--still no change, with the exception of a bit of water running out of the overflow. Found this post, grabbed my caNn of air and went to it. It took quite a few times blowing air through-- make sure you're pinching around the overflow while you're doing it. A tight seal will get you up and running much faster.The 1st few times I did it, I didn't think to pinch...i'm sure that's why it took so many tries :D Anyway, it worked like a charm !!! Thank you my husband can stop freaking out about replacing a minimally used $200 machine :D

Jul 14, 2013
No coffee NEW
by: Skinny kid

Tried a few of these shitty DIY fixes on the Internet none worked. Took my b77 apart found one of the valves on top leaks water onto the air pump seizing the motor. No air no coffee. The air pump pushes the hot water out of the tank on top. There is no way that those lines could be plugged.

Feb 16, 2013
Something is wrong . . . NEW
by: Mommalovescoffee

The problem I am having with my very new machine is that it is not making the "whooshing" sound at the end of the cycle. This morning it stopped working all together. I did the paper clip method, smacked the bottom and used compressed air on the tubes on the water tank and now it is at least running, but still not blowing air through at the end. I haven't descaled yet, but I really don't think that's the problem as we have a brand new water softener and use filtered water. It is making a full cup of coffee and I am thankful for that, but something is obviously wrong. Any suggestions?

Dec 03, 2012
Nothing Worked NEW
by: KT

I tried everything mentioned on this thread and thens some. Still didn't work. Called Keurig and went thru the basic things they recommend with them on the phone. Still didn't work. My warranty expired about 3 weeks ago. They are still replacing my machine. Their customer service is out of this world. Best experience I've had in a long time. Thank you Keurig!

Nov 21, 2012
Fixed Resevior won't suck problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Hardly used Keurig to lazy I look but it's the model under the platinum I think special edition anyhow had not used that much sat unused for 6 months plugged in too use again and ready to run it a few times to clean it out an the resevior wouldn't suck then light would blink and screen said Prime! I smacked it a few times and lifted the tank a few times finally I took off tank tipped it upside down smacked it a few times in different places . Then started it up again and still didn't work turned it off and on again finally could hear the heating element sound like it started to work turned it off and in now works like a charm! I read a blog and people said burping the machine by tipping backwards and tapping it would let the air pass thru! Worked for me I spent an hour trying everything from trying to suction the resevior that goes into the machine to slightly keeping water tank off balance but the tipping upside down giving it a few good smacks did the trick!

Nov 18, 2012
Thank you! NEW
by: Ann

This fixed my clogged machine too!!! I been trying everything for about 2 months, was about to tear it apart or toss it. Thank you for this!! It works perfectly again!

Nov 07, 2012
It worked! NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband pulled out our old Mr. Coffee and has been using that. Was about to throw this machine out when I read this. It worked!! Thanks!!!

Nov 05, 2012
It worked after more than one try... NEW
by: Anonymous

I used compressed air and tried brewing FIVE times before the pump actually started working again, so don't give up! I also took apart the k-cup holder/funnel and used a paper clip to clean out both needles, plus turned the brewer upside down and smacked it a few times on the bottom. Don't know what actually fixed it but the combination of the above worked and it's back to normal. Thanks for the tip - and for saving me $$$$$!

Oct 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

My husband was about to toss our Keurig out. It's been brewing half cups, waiting a few seconds and finishing. I just came here to see if we're the only ones w/the problem and WHOPPEE, the air trick worked. BTW, that water sure was hot!!

Oct 05, 2012
Air Worked, Great Customer Service! NEW
by: Annie

From my experience, Keurig has the best customer service I have ever experienced. I too was having trouble with my Keurig brewing partial cups and water pouring out of the overflow. I called customer service and to my surprise my machine was still under warranty. I was asked to hang up and watch a video on how to clean my needles...and perform the procedure. This did not eliminate the problem, so I called back and they shipped a new machine to my home in 4 days. Outstanding! Only thing I needed to do was send the little cone shaped thing that the k cup sits in while brewing, as proof of purchase. So...I would be stuck with an extra machine that wasnt working well, and was missing an important part. Then I found these posts and tried the compressed air trick....worked like a charm. I mailed in my part as proof of purchase and found a replacement on ebay for $15.00 Now I have a machine at home and at work.

Oct 05, 2012
What about the Warranty NEW
by: Anonymous

From my experience, Keurig has the best customer service I have ever experienced. I too was having trouble with my Keurig brewing partial cups and water pouring out of the overflow. I called customer service and to my surprise my machine was still under warranty. I was asked to hang up and watch a video on how to clean my needles...and perform the procedure. This did not eliminate the problem, so I called back and they shipped a new machine to my home in 4 days. Outstanding! Only thing I needed to do was send the little cone shaped thing that the k cup sits in while brewing, as proof of purchase. So...I would be stuck with an extra machine that wasnt working well, and was missing an important part. Then I found these posts and tried the compressed air trick....worked like a charm. I mailed in my part as proof of purchase and found a replacement on ebay for $15.00 Now I have a machine at home and at work.

Sep 25, 2012
by: Anonymous


Sep 23, 2012
didnt work NEW
by: maggie

i did this for about 20 minutes and even though the machine was forced to purge hot water it only did so when I was spraying compressed air thru the silicone. As soon as I stopped spraying, the water stopped coming out into my mug. Any other ideas?

Aug 06, 2012
Just cleaned coffee filter NEW
by: Eva

I was looking around for a can of air, but couldn't find one. I cleaned my refillable canister and filter and was going to make another cup (if it would) and held the little filter cup up to the light. I could barely see through it. I filled it with water and it barely trickled out. So I took a mister clean magic eraser to it. I guess it would fill and back up the water, keeping it from pushing through. End result, full cup of coffee. I will do the air after I get a new can.

Jul 29, 2012
thanks NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks so much - the air idea worked great and saved me $200...awesome

Jul 29, 2012
thanks NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks so much - the air idea worked great and saved me $200...awesome

Jul 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a B40 that recently started brewing partial cups. I sprayed compressed air into the right side of the l-shaped silicon tube... It is now brewing FULL cups!

Jun 12, 2012
Canned Air NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you to the orginial poster. Canned air did the trick.

Jun 08, 2012
Its True - Air Pressure Worked NEW
by: Marty

I just tried this on my B70. Several things I found:
1. Blowing air thru the LEFT side tube on the silicon spout at first did nothing. Blowing again hard for 10-15 seconds caused something to clear in the tubing and water in the boiling chamber could be heard bubbling and shortly after water came out the K-cup needle. NOTE: The unit was NOT ON.
2. Switching inlet tubes on the silicon spout, I now blew air into the RIGHT tube opening. This caused water to come out of the unit in the large opening where the water reservoir itself connects to the base unit. Placing my thumb securely over the large opening to plug the reservoir inlet on the base unit, I blew hard into the RIGHT side silicon spout. Water came out both the K-cup needle AND the LEFT side silicon spout.
My Conclusions to most of the Keurig problems:
1. Heated water in the boiling chamber expands; hence the need for the overflow tube back to the reservoir. When pumping heated water out of the boiling chamber it MUST have a way for air to enter that chamber, otherwise a vacuum would form. If tubing from the silicon spout is plugged for any reason, that would prevent air from entering the chamber; cause a vacuum. This could account for the reduced or irregular amount of water flow thru the K-cups.
2. Taking my unit apart, I discovered that the water pump is not a piston pump, but one that uses a magnet to turn an impeller, which pushes the water thru the unit. I believe the units computer electronics are set to turn the water pump on and off depending upon how much you set your unit to dispense into your cup. The pump itself will run for the correct amount of time, BUT the impeller is unable to pump the water because the flow is restricted.
3. I didn't hear that WHOOSHING sound at the end of the brew cycle that I originally heard when the unit was working properly. I believe this problem is again related to one or both of the silicon tubes being plugged. When the brew cycle finishes, it pushes air thru the K-cup. Since the tubing from the boiling chamber still contains hot water in it, the air used to push the remaining water out of the K-cup comes from one of the inlet ports on the silicon spout. If that spout is plugged for any reason, the result would be NO WHOOSHING sound.
3. Going thru the descaling procedure may not ever reach the air inlet spot in the silicon tube(s) where there might be a plug, so the problem(s) remain.

In the end I believe that the problems most of us have had are not pump related, although it is certainly possible for any electronics and pumps on some units to actually fail, but instead the majority of the problems stem from one or both plugged silicon tubes.

When I contacted Keurig about my brewer problems, just like everyone else has, they NEVER suggested this possible solution. I have to wonder just how hard they were looking?

That's my explanation to the Keurig problems. I'd like to know what anyone else thinks. Good Luck!!

May 09, 2012
Please post video
by: Barry

Can someone please post a video showing exactly what to look for and where to put the compressed air. Thanks !

May 09, 2012
Tip saved the Office Keurig
by: Caroline

Thank you!! Co-workers without coffee are very grumpy, me included. Sprayed each outlet hole several times with compressed air, and we've had coffee ever since then.

Apr 20, 2012
B77 Fixed with Air!
by: Chuck

I too can confirm that blowing air through the l-shaped overflow tube works! First I used a can of compressed air which made it better, then I used my air compressor set to 30psi. Amazing! Thanks.

Apr 19, 2012
Worked for me
by: Bill

Yep, worked for me too! Tried all the standard methods, finally gave up and bought a new machine, but tried this repair, works as good as new, so now have a spare machine. Thanks, Bill

Apr 07, 2012
Canned Air Works Perfectly
by: Emily

We used canned air and it fixed the problem! We held the aerosol nozzle against the rubber overflow tube and blew all of the water out of the lines. Then brewed a perfect cup of coffee. Thanks, everybody!

Apr 06, 2012
Air worked!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tip! I didn't have compressed air, but I had a very small syringe with a tip that fit perfectly, so I used lung pressure, and just blew really hard. That worked too!

Apr 05, 2012
by: Drew

My Keurig 77 started by showing descaled on lcd. I then followed the instruction from the book and after it has been sitting for 4 1/2 hours, i then started the rinsing steps. After two cups of water, the water started to dump back in the water tank and the lcd display light went off. It was like the machine was dead. A day later, I plug the machine and it started to work fine again untill the descalling light came on. I the restarted the process again and the lcd display keep showing not ready without the bleu light. Did anyone experienced this problem, let me know what i should do.

Apr 05, 2012
Keurig works like new
by: Jill

My B70 is about 1 year old. About 2 months ago started brewing sporadically. Would not always dispense water. About 1 month ago, it started leaking water from bottom. I had tried all of the cleaning tips with not much success. Today I found this post about air pressure. My keurig now works great again. I used a portable, home air compressor for car and bike tires. I took a "bendable" drinking straw shoved one end into the place where air comes out of. I held the other end of the straw tightly over each hole in the soft, rubber, white L shaped spout. Blowing air through the hole on the right causes air to come out of the bottom where the water reservoir sits. Blowing air out of the left side causes air/water to come out where the water should come out into the cup. Use a cooled machine and put a cup under spout. Machine works great.

Apr 01, 2012
Worked on my Cuisinart, too!
by: Poiks

Thank you for this. I was at wit's end with my Cuisinart Keurig brewer, but 30 PSI from my air compressor blown through the little L-shaped tube which drains into the tank did the trick.

Mar 30, 2012
Flow slowly
by: Man o Man

I really like the concept of the single cup coffee maker, but Keurig has a long way to go. We are on our third machine. We had the compulsory "Prime" error. The exchanged the machine. The error still occurred, got another machine. Now the one pours slowly. We use Brita filters water only.

I think it is simple over engineered, too many safety interlocks that inhibit total functionality.

Mar 19, 2012
fix for the kuerig
by: Anonymous

Hello, I love my kuerig, had it for two years then it started only giving partial cups of coffee , then stopped completely. I took it apart , and found one of the two solenoilds leaks water down the transformer onto the airpump motor which causes it to rust out and fail . If you are handy and willing a place on the net sells the little pump, no one that I have found sells the solenoid but I will post pics of my fix, it looks hoaky but it is cheap and works great. The website is the motors cost about 5.00 each + shipping , I bought 4 just in case and because they are cheap. I cut a plastic cup in half to sheild the transformer and a k cup to shield the air pump and used zip ties to secure them , the pump only has 1 phillips screw holding it on and a black wire and a red wire connected , I cut those wires and spliced the new pump in then soldered and shrink wrapped the wires , the hardest part of the whole deal is taking the case off , lots of screws and tabs but then its easy.Mine has been working great for 6 months now!

Mar 17, 2012
Compressed air and vinegar did the trick!
by: Anonymous

We bought a B70 at Costco, and it worked for about 6 months before it wouldn't give us a full cup. I too called the Keurig/Green Mountain people, and they suggested that it needed to be thoroughly descaled. I finally got around to working on it today, two years later. When I turned it on, though, it just said "not ready". It would not draw in the vinegar, and after a minute turned itself off. So I bought a can of compressed air and tried shooting into all the areas that people suggested: the pin/nozzle, the inlet at the bottom of the place where you fit the reservoir, and what I "thought" was the overflow. To no avail-- it still said "not ready". But like a number of other people who wrote here, I was not sure where I was supposed to use the air. So I went upstairs to read more posts, and a few minutes later my husband called up to me and said, "water is flowing through it". He had filled the reservoir right to the top (I had filled it only half-way), and it was slowly flowing through. But it was as cold as the water in the reservoir! While we were fooling around with the compressed air again, I saw a little spurt of water come out of a small piece of soft, translucent plastic tubing coming out of the wall behind the reservoir. I had thought it was a solid piece of plastic before. Dope slap! Was that the place for the compressed air? So we gave it a good long shot, then started again with vinegar in the reservoir. After a few minutes I heard the magical sound of liquid heating! The "not ready" disappeared, a real menu appeared, the "ready to brew" message lit, and when we lifted and lowered the handle, the brew button started blinking. 30 seconds later we had a cup of steaming hot vinegar. We descaled, flushed it thoroughly with water, and are ready to brew coffee again. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions and tips! You saved us the cost of a new coffeemaker.

Mar 15, 2012
Air is all it takes.
by: Dan

If your problem is it sounds like your pump is failing, and it seems to take forever for it to pump the water from the reservoir to make you a cup of your favorite java, then don't try any of those suggestions till you've tried air. Tor those of you that own a compressor with a regular air wand attachment, set your regulator to about 30psi, put a cup under kcup holder, insert your wand into the L shaped overflow that dumps back into your reservoir and give it a little shot of air. Water will be force out into your cup. My overflow has two holes in it so I gave the second hole a little blast also. That machine you were contemplating throwing out will now work like a new one. Smile and have some java!!

Mar 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

We tried everything the B70 manual suggested. Unfortunately, it didn't suggest the thing that actually worked. Thanks for the tip!

Feb 27, 2012
I was skeptical but it worked!
by: Kev K.

Thank you so much! Like many others, I tried all the other tips and tricks with no luck before I came across your compressed air fix. It worked! I inserted the compressed air straw into one of the overflow holes at the top of the water tank. At first most the air came right out the other hole, but I then covered it with a finger and blocked any air escaping from both overflow holes. Within a few seconds water started spraying out from the needle, about 12oz. It will spray a lot and could burn you, so make sure your machine has been off long enough for any water inside to cool off. I filled the tank and started a brew cycle and it worked like new. I cycled through a couple of tanks of water to clean out the machine and will descale with vinegar just to make sure it's all clean. I suspect a lot of other people who wrote off their B70's could have saved them easily using your tip. Thanks again!!!

Feb 23, 2012
Air Works!
by: KitKat

Although I had to try it 2 times, the air through the over-flow tube worked. No water going back into the holding tank and a full copy of coffee the first time! Thanks for the tip!!!!

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

It worked!!!!! Thanks so much for posting!

Jan 17, 2012
Exactly what I needed!
by: Kevin

I was able to fix my girlfriend Meghan's broken B70 using the instructions provided. The result: I look like a stud. I'm looking forward to an appreciation bj tonight. Thanks!

Jan 14, 2012
Fake Keurigs
by: Barry

If you have purchased a B70 for $100.00, $125.00 and not close to $ probably have a fake that was made in Maylasia or Indonesia. The fake machines do not have the same inner workings as the authentic machines. This is why Keurig is no longer honoring warranties of machines that were purchased online and not through a reputable supplier like ie: Kohls, Macys, Belk, etc.
You can buy fake keurigs here. This is what you are getting if you are buying from ebay, overstock, amazon, etc. and these are fakes. Buyer beware !

Jan 08, 2012
Yep it works!!
by: Scott n Denver

Today's my Wife's Birthday and her's has been stopped up for a week. Now that I found this fix she says best gift ever!!!

Dec 28, 2011
this fix really works
by: Anonymous

My aunt tossed her "old" B70 into the garbage can after she was unable to get the unit to draw in water.

My mom told me my aunt had tossed it (we discuss everything it seems) so I called my aunt to ask if she would save it for me so I could try and repair it since I have repaired many other devices in the past successfully.

A quick google search led me to this site and the solution to this particular malfunction of the B70.

I was amazed this was all it took. So was my aunt who had unfortunately bought a new B70 to replace the "faulty" one.

Now each of us has a B70. Thanks auntie!

Dec 27, 2011
Add my Name and thanks
by: cudaguy

I have not used my 1 1/2 year old B-77 for about a year and bought some k-cups and clean it up only to find it would not pump. It would power up do nothing but humm and then power off. After cleaning the filter both from top with brush and removing to find the flow fine. I found your compressed air trick. I have several cans on hand always for I work on clocks. It spit out all the old water and air gap from sitting just air blowing up the overflow and I am now drinking a cup of coffee while thanking you for some good easy to advice. Which certainly beats sending it to service center. Glad I did one more yahoo search before throwing in towel.

Dec 20, 2011
compressed air
by: Florida

I did it just like you said well I used a regular size straw to pump the air in it works!!!! TY TY TY I can now used my Kurig again

Dec 07, 2011
Kuerig Fixed :)
by: AGM

Just did the compressed air thing into the little upper L shaped tubing when you take the water resevoir off. Had to blow air thru twice and the third time I managed to get a flow of water for coffee!! Actually got a full 12 ounces out! Woohoo!! Compressed air works!

Nov 27, 2011
Love my Keurig
by: Anonymous

My Keurig was wheezing and sounding like an iron lung so I started searching the ne. I descaled but the first vineger bath didn't do much. Then I found another article that made sense. Fill the resevoir with 48oz. of vineger, run the vineger through until the fill light starts flashing. Then leave the brewer on for 4 fours so the vineger sits in the system while the brewer heats; flush with clean water and try it again. I also found that if you don't descale, calcium builds up on the heating element.

Sep 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I came home and my Keurig was making a noise and all the buttons were flashing. I pushed every button but nothing would stop that noise. I finally unplugged it and thought I guess this is what it does when it needs to be descaled. Put the vinegar in the reservoir but the machine won't do anything and all the buttons keep flashing.

I did notice that the thing you set your cup on was full of coffee and there was some liquid in the base that you put the reservoir in. I don't know what happened. As this is a replacement Keurig won't do anything about it.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

Sep 16, 2011
Brew Sizes
by: Anonymous

I have a Keurig B77 & I just can't seem to figure out how to set the brew sizes. Which button does what, the machine has no owners manual so I don't have a clue how to make it work. Can someone tell me how to work the B77 please?

Sep 05, 2011
compressed air worked
by: ted

My unit was also putting as much water back into the tank as in the cup. I used compressed air to blow backwards into the overflow tube which was dumping water into the tank. Water came out the needle which punctures the K-cup. Than I put tank back on with new clean filtered water and ran a cup. All worked like new.

Aug 03, 2011
Use canned air on filter too!
by: Shawn

I use my own coffee not the pods, so I also cleaned that filter with the canned air. Machine is working great! Thanks for the tips!!!

Jul 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just had the same half brew problem as described here. Customer service walked me through all the trouble shooting and when it didn't work said they would be sending me a new brewer. This time it is a b76. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with this company. Had a friend who had a problem that they worked through on the phone and they still sent her free coffee for her troubles! I hope the new version has the kinks worked out.

Jul 26, 2011
Call customer service they will help
by: Deb

My B70 is 19 months old and began drawing water in and not dispensing it even though it said brewing. I descaled it twice, unclogged needles with paperclips, tried the compressed air trick - nothing helped. I called customer service today and they are honoring the warranty and sending me a new machine with a new warranty. I didn't even ask (although I was planning to). If you are having trouble with your machine just give them a call.

Jul 24, 2011
Canned air worked!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you!!!! I thought my kriton was a goner! I had the air with the straw so I put it to the return straw on top of water reservoir and pushed. Whoosh, water came out and then poof, the machine was working! Crazy but it worked. Now I am doing a descale for good measure. Thanks for the wacky fix!

Jul 18, 2011
Wow! I'm sold on Keurig's CS...
by: cb51dad

Owner of two B77 brewers from Costco. First one lasted ~8 months (short brew, intermittent power on/off). Exchange with Costco was flawless as usual. Second brewer is about 1 1/2 years and started to short brew, water back into the reservoir, descale indicator. Tried ALL troubleshooting techniques I found on the internet (banging, straw blow, 100+psi air, sonic toothbrush, paperclip, recycle vinegar, etc.).

Finally broke down and skeptically called customer service after reading success stories of others. The representative was extremely pleasant and professional as we unsuccessfully walked through some of the troubleshooting procedures.

To my surprise, the representative said that they will send me a new unit and in return, send them my current k-cup holder along with the service number they provided. That was it. The brewer arrived four days later and I just sent out the holder.

I understand that the brewer itself might be flawed in its design that issues seem to be repeating themselves in the many forums that involve Keurig, but at the same time, they are willing to appease their customers to some extent. I don't know how long they can sustain this practice, but I appreciate their effort and will continue to support them. Now if they can only make recyclable cups.

Jul 16, 2011
Clean the strainer
by: Scott

I've been having problems with my machine not pulling water through and it would only make partial cup and then cut off after brewing. Tried descaling with vinegar but didn't resolve. Here's what I found and corrected and now the machine is working great. Remove the water tank and you will see a black strainer inside the base of the unit where water pumps from the tank. Upon inspection I noticed it looked clogged. I tried to clean with a tooth brush but was unable to really do so. I turned the machine on side and removed the bottom (be sure to remove the tank first and have a towel handy for any water that flows from inside machine). Remove the 2 screws holding in place the fitting that flows water from the tank. You can now access the screen and actually remove it from the rubber tubing. Now you can easily clean. Mine was clogged with what appears to be dust and such that may have collected over time when the tank is not in place being washed. Reassemble and you should be good to go. Like I said, I tried a lot of different things I had read, but couldn't seem to fix. This simple fix now has it working great. Use a flashlight to see your screen before removing. If it appears clean then this may not be your problem.

Jun 09, 2011
by: Sandra Houtz

I just bought a used B77 and the display reads: "Auto Off Set" and NO buttons will do anything HELP ME!!!!

Sandra Houtz

Jun 04, 2011
My fix for Keurig only brewing half cup
by: Kathie

I use regular coffee in my Keurig most of the time as it is cheaper than the K-Cups. My brewer began brewing half cups. I followed Keurig's instructions for De-Scaling etc. and it did not work. I tried canned air but had no luck. It then dawned on me to try running a K-Cup through the K-Cup holder to see if it would brew a full cup, and sure enough it did. This was narrowing down the problem to the optional Keurig filter I use to brew regular coffee with. I took the coffee filter out of the machine and it looked like it had a film of coffee clogging up the holes in it. I cleaned the filter and low and behold a perfectly brewed FULL cup of coffee.

May 22, 2011
Compressed air in overflow tube worked!!
by: Guy S.

Compressed air in overflow tube worked!!

Worked nicely on a B77 model. No water dispensed from the pin when I used the air so I was skeptical, but it worked!


May 19, 2011
Great company- Awesome service
by: Anonymous

I have the Keurig B70 model (from Costco) and my water was filtering the hot water back into the reserve and very little to the cup. I tried cleaning per the manual and nothing worked, so I called the company and they walked me thru more troubleshooting procedures and it cleared up a little but not all the way. They are sending me a brand new Keurig as well. They were so helpful and wonderful. I was surprised they said they would just send me a new Keurig since I've had this one for over 1 year. Awesome customer service!!!!

Apr 16, 2011
Great Company
by: joe

Had all the same problems as everyone and nothing worked. Called Keurig and I'm getting a new machine! Great Company! Don't kill yourself....pick up the phone.....

Mar 21, 2011
canned air
by: malikacid

Looks like they're re ferring to blowing the air into the larger needle that points downward from the arm of the unit. Iv'e had this problem w/ a Model B70 Platinum. I took a different, more technical aproach, as above that needle is a check valve(not vissible). You risk damaging that check valve if you blow the air in this direction, as a check valve is there to make water flow in only one direction (out of the needle). A safer aproach would be to reomove the arm cover. Do this by rasing the arm, and locate, then remove the 2 screws. Lift cover off. Cut off zip-tie, then remove clear tube from the check valve. Remove 2 screws that hold down valve. Then pull valve down through frame. Simply blow it out where is tube connected. Rinse with water and repeat several times. You could also let the valve sit in vinegar overnight before doing this. You'll need a new zip-tie.

Mar 21, 2011
B77 Problems
by: Ralph Wilkens

I purchased A B77 unit in August 2010 at a discount $125. For the first two weeks it worked great so I bought another smaller unit. That's how much I was impressed. That did not last long. Since about three weeks after I started using the B77 unit it has not worked properly. I called customer service on more than four occassions. The last time, March 2011. Now the unit continues to cut off while it is on. I am ready to trash the machine. I was very happy to find your site and realize that I am not just making these problems. I just remember to do my research in the future before purchase. thank you.

Mar 09, 2011
would someone post a video?
by: Anonymous

Would someone with a smart phone or iphone shoot a video of this compressed air cleaning solution and post it on You Tube please

Feb 27, 2011
Compressed Air
by: CBD

Where do you spray the air?

Feb 17, 2011
where do you spray the air?
by: Anonymous

where exactly do you spray the air?

Feb 01, 2011
3rd machine with slow drip and 3oz of coffee. Aggghhh...
by: Anonymous

This is my third replacement machine in 2 weeks. They all are doing the same thing. The current one has only brewed 2 cups of coffee. It drips really slow and I only get about 3 oz of coffee. I tried the upside down technique twice and I resorted to the flexible straw on the inside tip. Its like syphoning gas. There is alot of resistance and the straw collapse a few times. But with determination and about the 5-6 time it finally gives way. BE CAREFUL! If your holding chamber is hot, you will get burnt. BUT...... it works like a dream! Looks like I won't have to box another one up this week, I wish I would have read this site 2 weeks ago.

Feb 01, 2011
Nothing Worked!!!
by: Anonymous

Our coffee maker wasn't making the correct size cups, then the descale came on. I followed directions didn't work. (we did it like 8 times!) Then I found this web site and tried to use the compressed air thinking yes finally a solution. Unfortunately this didn't work for us either. So I called Keurig customer service. I spoke with the nicest man who tried troubleshooting with me for an hour. Finally after a few failed attempts he said he was so sorry for the inconvience and he was going to send me a brand new Keurig (the updated version of the B70). I honestly didn't think this was possible we have had our coffee maker over a year so the manufacturer warantee is up, but he didn't even ask!!! Before you buy a new keurig try calling they were so nice and truly want to satisfy their customers.

Jan 30, 2011
Slow drip and half cups
by: Jane

I have found that if the machine is left on all the time, it works great. I have been trying different K cups to see if the slow brewing/half cup of coffee made a difference. The Van Houtte Honduran K cups are heavy, maybe have too much coffee in them, other Van Houttes so far have not given me this slow drip problem. I have the Keurig Platinum, first one and got it at Xmas. I use filtered water, done the vinegar thing too. I won't be using the Van Houtte Honduran anymore.

Jan 28, 2011
Canned air did the trick!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your tip about using the canned air! We have owned our Keurig for about 18 months and started having the half filled cups about three months ago. We tried the cleaning with vinegar a couple of times; that didn't help at all. For the last two weeks we have tried purchasing a new machine and they have been out of stock in the stores around us.
Now after reading this tip I tried the canned air tonight, using it in every place there was an opening on the machine. Finally, a full cup was brewed! Now no need to purchase a new machine (at least for a while.) Thanks again!

Jan 28, 2011
Canned air tip works!
by: Anonymous

We have had only 1 of these machines now for over two years. It started half filling cups about two months ago. We also used vinegar two different times to try to clean the machine, but it didn't help at all. I have tried to buy a new one for the past two weeks, but I have not found them available in stores to buy. Luckily, tonight I found this thread on the internet and tried the canned air blowing it in every opening I could find on the Keurig. Finally, a full cup was brewed! It hasn't worked this well since before Christmas. Now maybe I can use this machine a while longer. Thanks for the useful tip!

Jan 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

This thread just saved us from buying a new machine. Ours has had the "not sucking" problem for months...Keurig support was NO help. Descaling didn't work. Vinegar didn't work. BLowing compressed air through the overflow line resulted in a wad of who-knows-what (probably kitty's everywhere in our house)being dislodged & made visible. Once it was removed the machine acts like brand new again. We're definitely putting this on our 'monthly maintenance' list. Thank you so much for sharing your idea! :)

Jan 14, 2011
Compressed air
by: Anonymous

Believe it or not I am getting my 3rd Keurig machine in less than a year. They have discontinued the B70 and they are sending me a B76. I really just want a machine that works and do not want a new machine every 4-5 months.

I did try the compressed air trick on my 2nd machine, and so far so good. What I did was use the air with a tube and shoot it into the water valve that was dispensing water back into the reservoir. Keep a mug handy because water shoots out where the coffee comes out. Once I cleared out all the water, I then ran 3 - 10oz cups in a row. The tech told me this resets the machine somehow. It's been a week so far with no problems(fingers crossed). Can't wait for my 3rd machine which is in transit!

Jan 09, 2011
Good Tip
by: Anonymous

I just tried the compress air and it worked. Though for me didn't work until i shot around where the water pours out. Anyways saved me from buying another one. Thanks! Good tip.

Jan 07, 2011
Where do I spray the air.?
by: Chris

I have seen these comments and they make sense re: forcing air into the unit. There are 2 deplugging places that I know of the bottom where it goes into the cup and three on the top where the water comes in; YOU MUST TURN THE unit over to access it. Also someone mentioned the water line?

Jan 07, 2011
Where do I spray the air.?
by: Chris

I have seen these comments and they make sense re: forcing air into the unit. There are 2 deplugging places that I know of the bottom where it goes into the cup and three on the top where the water comes in; YOU MUST TURN THE unit over to access it. Also someone mentioned the water line?

Jan 05, 2011
Hot about my coffee
by: AAV

I have taken one machine back for exchange after the problem grew slowly til it just would not make a cup of coffee. The new machine is already doing the same thing. We use filtered pure water and are still having the issue. I will try the canned air idea. Thanks.

Dec 29, 2010
Not Happy!
by: Anonymous

I too am on my second machine in 18 months (Keurig replaced the first)and had the same problem with both. The machine does not pump water anymore. Previously had a $30 Mr. Coffee that failed only after 12 years of service. Very disappointed!

Dec 26, 2010
thank you
by: gordon

I tried all the vinegar fixes and used Dip It but my water only dribbled out. I used the air in a can and I now have a new machine. Keurig should use your suggestion but I'm sure they would rather have you by a new machine.

Dec 25, 2010
by: Mountain Mike

This tip saved our Christmas vacation. We bought a new Keurig for our vacation home in the mountains because we enjoy the one at home so much (which has never malfunctioned in two years now). The second day of the trip, the new machine stopped pumping water. We are in a remote location, so I could not find a replacement (had to opt for a standard coffeemaker for the interim). After reading this post I went and bought a can of compressed air and - BAM! it was working again. Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom. Keurig should pay you a royalty as this has likely saved hundreds or thousands of returns...

Merry Christmas!

Dec 22, 2010
by: don

I bought three single cup units during the last several years. Each one stopped pumping water. I took one unit apart and removed a small pump. No fun to take apart, but it can be done. I tried to get the pump part number from Keurig, but they said that they could not give out this info. I guess they want the pump to fail after a year, so we can buy a new unit. Still trying to find a pump, and if I do, I'll let everyone know how to get one. No guarantee that the pump is the problem, but if the air does not work, it seems like it must be a faulty pump, or an electronic problem. To bad they do not work for a least a couple of years without any problems--I like the unit, since it brews coffee just as strong a Starbucks.

Dec 13, 2010
Compressed air
by: B70 owner

Hey thanks to who ever come up with the idea of compressed air to unplug the coffee maker. I tried it, as I also thought it off to the store to purchase a new machine. What the heck might as well give it a try, can't hurt anything. Well it now works like a new machine. But I wonder is there a small screen in the inner workings of the coffee maker that slowly gets plugged? And all one is doing is temporary at best. Only time will tell.
Funny thing is all this trouble started once we cleaned out the machine with vinegar.

Nov 30, 2010
Compressed Air
by: Anonymous

Where exactly are you spraying the compressed air into...the piercing needle or somewhere else?

Nov 21, 2010
clogged fill line
by: jon

tried the air can.......GREAT IDEA!!!!!!
worked thought i would end up throwing it way, thanks for the tip.

Nov 18, 2010
awesome advice
by: Mr Delta 9

I just gave my B70 brewer a shot of compressed air through the overflow port in the water tank and its working great!!!!Thanks for the awesome advice now I can have my cronic and coffee

Nov 12, 2010
by: DJ

After de-scaling twice I still was just getting a trickle of water out of my machine. Being frustrated, and not really wanting to spend the money to purchase a new machine (mine was less than two years old) I decided to check on line for suggestions. This worked wonderful. Thank you so much!

Nov 10, 2010
Thank you!
by: Jen

We had the same problem in our office. The tank water was hot because it was backing up everytime we tried to run it. We were about ready to toss the machine... but after a little research we came across this great tip! We used the can of air and it started working again! Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Nov 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. This is my second Keurig because my first one did this same thing and I bought a new one after trying everything but did not see this until I started having problems with my new one after about 5 months. Enjoying my cup of coffee now. Thank you again!!

Nov 04, 2010
Keurig B77 water problem
by: Doug Lima

The machine pumps hoot water into the tank only.All the water lines are clear and clean. Should I junk it. Its a little more than a year old.

Sep 27, 2010
It works
by: Anonymous

Shooting air in the top piercing hole worked for me, also. Great suggestion!!

Jul 28, 2010
Hey! That worked!
by: Anonymous

I tried it using the can of air with the straw attached. I stuck it down in the water intake and sprayed a bunch of times and after a couple minutes some white stuff sprayed back out of the whole. The next cup I ran was totally full! Just like new! (BTW, Kuerig's recommended de-scaling process takes about 4.5 hours...glad I didn't have to do that!)

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