Keurig Coffee Machine Gasket's Problems

by Carrie

Same problem, only getting 6 oz. in a cup. Keurig customer service was very helpful. Asked if we had descaled, I said no because it's only 3 months old and we don't use it that much. Was told to look inside the K cup holder where there is a small round rubber gasket on the needle part.

The gasket should be pulled up. Used tweezers, pulled up as far as I could and then brewed a large cup of hot water. Worked perfectly. The gasket will slip down a bit, but the cups will still be full.

I told the man that nowhere in the manual does it mention this gasket as a possible solution to the half cup problem. He was very helpful and courteous. Is the gasket thing a design problem? Don't know, but we are getting full cups now.

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