Keurig Coffee Machine - Short cup problem

by Larry Davidson

I've had a short cup problem with my Keurig coffee machine for a week. I've done the vinegar thing and the paper clip thing. No luck! Turning the machine upside down and shaking it seems to have worked. Maybe it was the removal of the water thingie or shaking an air lock out of the unit, but it's better now.

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Jan 01, 2016
Same problem same fix NEW
by: Mike in Oklahoma

Our maker has worked for 2 years without a problem. Recently it started acting up and after doing all the recommended procedures with intermittent success I tried the vent into the tank issue.

First the tube on the right has to be open. If this tube is plugged the maker will not make any coffee. This line allows the pump to fill the chamber with water and if the air cannot be displaced then the chamber cannot fill.

Preface, no K-Cup in the holder full flow of water, this is important, it means that you have all the scale out and the needles are clear. if you are good here proceed to the next step, if not repeat the descaling process exactly and clean the needles with pipe cleaners.

Next start a brew cycle with a K-Cup. When the coffee starts flowing, plug both plastic vents into the water chamber, air should start bubbling out of the water inlet in the bottom of the tank. That means that the pressure relief is working and not plugged up.

Unstop the right tube with your finger and the unit should make a full cup of coffee. Dump the cup out and using the same K-Cup (no sense in wasting another) brew another cup with only the LEFT TUBE IN THE WATER TANK plugged with your finger.

If you get a full cup of coffee then it is time to go to Walmart and buy some plastic BB's or something else about that size and plug the LEFT tube only.

Eventually the pump and/or check valves in the coffee maker will wear or collect garbage. For those of you who are brave, remove the bottom and one tube at a time, remove and clean with pipe cleaners each tube. On the check valves you can soak them in vinegar and then flush them out with hot water. IMPORTANKT NOTE - MAKE SURE WHEN REMOVING ANY CHECK VALVE THAT YOU MAKE ONE END OF IT SO YOU CAN PUT IT BACK IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION. I USUALLY MARK THE END OF THE VALVE AND THE HOSE IT WAS CONNECTED TO WITH A BLACK PERMANANT MARKER SO I DON'T GET THEM MIXED UP. ALSO DO NOT REMOVE MORE THAN ONE TUBE AT A TIME.

Good luck and many happy cups.


Nov 15, 2015
Short cup NEW
by: Sandi

My Keurig is about 18 mo old and I think I have found the solution to the short cup problem. I did the descaling and it didn't help. Upon reading more about issues I decided to change the filter even though it had been changed recently. When I pulled the filter housing out I saw there is a small screen in the bottom of the water reservoir similar to the one in the filter house. I noticed it was scummy looking. I removed the three screws and pulled the screen out to find it was covered with a scum. After running it under the faucet to clean it I replaced it and found my short cup issue resolved. So far it has been working fine. Hope this helps.

Feb 07, 2015
fixed for now NEW
by: Dave22

We have had our machine for about 10 months and have been having a lot of short cups. Tried most of the thing suggested here, but only short term solutions.

This last time I removed and cleaned the screen at the bottom of the tank and after two tanks of water we are still getting full cups!! I needed to use a long hemostat (you can get them at a beading store) to put the screws back in, but if it keeps working it will be worth the effort.

Time will tell.

Dec 25, 2014
Cleaned to orifice NEW
by: PhilMc

I have a V500 that is one week old. Got up this morning and got a short cup. The more I ran water through it the worse it got. Tred blowing air with a straw throught the various openings with no results. Even turned the machine upside down and rattled it around which did nothing.

Took a multi-purpose tool (paper clip) and poked it into the top orifice were the water feeds into the the vue/kcup. That did the trick, pump sounded strong pumping the water! Now getting just the right amount of water into the coffee cup on the bottom.

Aug 09, 2014
try cleaning orifices first NEW
by: Anonymous

After descaling with vinegar, it was still running short, but when I cleaned out the orifices in the bottom of the water reservoir and cup holder, it's working fine. But my coffee tastes like vinegar...

Sep 30, 2013
Frustrated NEW
by: Anonymous

I was having issues with short cupping and tried to descale, but now the machine does nothing. I called Keurig 3 times and did their cleaning methods plus some of my own. I called Keurig and they offered me a new one plus 24 K-cups for $79. I took the offer since my Keuring is out of warranty. I have used my Keuring for almost 3 years. That was a discount of 100 bucks plus the 24 K-cups retails at about 20 bucks. I think there is a defect in the machine but Keurig would of course not admit it.

Nov 11, 2012
how to clean keurig NEW
by: albarina

First of all this machine will continue to get clogged until they make a good k-cup solution for it. what I found is happening with certain brands when the needle punctures the k-cup it pushes coffee grounds in to the needle and it's clogged the machine. so what I do I remove the water dispenser put my finger on the bottom hole to cover and then I use a straw to blow air into the small plastic breather hole on top of that water dispenser. I use a flexible straw for this is rather difficult with a regular straw. If you blow hard and no water comes out, clean the needle, I use a plastic tooth pick found at your local pharmacy. And then start the process of blowing again, once you get a good flow, put the water reservoir in place and use the rinse or hot water to clean out all coffee grounds. do this until water runs clear of grounds it works everytime. good luck until the final solution for the I-cup

Jul 03, 2012
Filter plugged NEW
by: Lou

I had this problem after using the machine for about 9 months. After trying the vinegar cleaning system with no luck I contacted the company. I got a replacement since it was still under warranty, then took the old machine to the Tech where I work. After taking it apart he found that the filter screen in the bottom of the reservoir had a thin film of something blocking it. Cleaned the screen and it works fine. Unfortunately I have to return the k-cup holder as part of the replacement deal, so the machine is worthless.

Apr 23, 2012
Mr. Coffee Keurig- Single Serve
by: Mike

Im reading all these suggestions for my new coffee maker. Mine wouldn't heat the water. It would glow orange at the brew button and then stop. Both the cup size lights would start flashing. No coffee... I removed the tank, poured out the water, reinstalled, more water.. checked the K cup, tried again... nothing. So, I took the water tank off the back and turned the maker upside down to see if there was a switch or something that I was missing. I guess I stumbled on the fix... turn it upside down before use. Strange... Im going to try different K cups and see if that doesnt fix it moving forward. I too get half cup pours and its brand new!! First cup just left me frustrated and wanting to take it back.

Mar 10, 2012
Keurig short cup problem
by: Anonymous

I have just went thru the de scaling, cleaning the needles...and I have found my problem..its not the Keurig at all, its the K-Cups..My machine would only fill the Dunkin Donut K-cups half I tried the other brands that I have on hand...they worked perfectly!! If possible try a different brand and see if that works and take the bad K cups back for a refund!

Feb 11, 2012
Do not Buy Keurig
by: Anonymous

Obiviously these are machines not built to last.
I have had two different Keurigs malfunction on me. Never had a kitchen appliance that was so disposable.

I will try the cusinart or mr. coffee brand before purchasing any keurig product.

Dec 08, 2011
Mr Coffee - Keurig Brew
by: Anonymous

I have a BRAND NEW Mr. Coffee (Keurig Brew) system and it has produced short cups (3/4 full) since the first cup was brewed. This is a single brew, no water reservoir, machine. What I have noticed is that water collects in the bottom tray (removable cup shelf) and that seems odd to me. Why drain into the tray instead of my cup?

Is this just a known problem for all Keurig Brew machines or is it a case of Buyer Beware????

... so frustrating

Dec 07, 2011
Half Cup Brew Twice Drink Once
by: Eve

I too have the half cup thing, and i have to brew it twice to get full cup. So I will try some of the suggestions above. I've had my Keurig for almost a year now, and I still think it's one of the recent greatest inventions. If all fails I will probably buy a new one.

It fits my family's needs. I use it for coffee full caf in the am and decaf at night. My oldest granddaughter has chai latte, my youngest granddaughter has the hot cocoa and green tea. It does get a bit pricey, but worth the convenience.

Oct 20, 2011
Disassembly and repair
by: Eric

Well I had the same short cup problem but had not gone on line to see what others had done. I disassembled the lower section removing the base plate, lower cabinet collar, removed inlet tubing to the pump, and then the pump to access a one way valve in the tubing of the outlet side of the pump. The valve does not seat properly 100% of the time, I can see it through the silicone tubing. So when water is being forced through the K-Cup back pressure is by-passing the valve. I reassembled the unit and used a Cue-tip to plug the left side vent. This creates back pressure and forces the valve to seat. The right side of the resevoir tank vent I believe vents air displaced in the tank when filling. My only concern is too much back pressure causing a tube to seperate. I will monitor to make sure this doesn't happen.

Aug 30, 2011
half cups only
by: k_g

My coffee maker is 8 months old and started the half-cup cycle. Tried everything but the BB trick but instead of us trying to figure out the problem, why doesn't Keurig revise the coffee makers and send everyone who bought one of the old ones a new one free of charge. May at that point, they will make a reputable name for their company. Just have the people that got screwed over on a bad design of theirs send in their receipt of purchase and no questions asked, they should send you a new one FREE OF CHARGE.

Aug 19, 2011
Half Cup Issue Solved
by: Al

Followed all the tips with no success. Did not want to try the BB tip. Turned the machine over for one hour and the problem is solved - for now.

Aug 10, 2011
B31 Short Cup Fix
by: Jim

I had the same problem, the machine would dispense about 1/4 cup of coffee and then stop. It appears as though it needs a thorough cleaning. I unplugged it, turned it upside down and emptied all of the water form the coffee maker. I removed and cleaned the lower cup basket and piercing needle as was recommended. I then removed the two screws under the cover next to the upper piercing valve and removed the top cover revealing the water hose. It has two plastic clips on the back side. Use a small screwdriver to pop it off. I disconnected the hose and used a can of compressed air to blow out the upper piercing valve and re-installed the hose. it slipped on and off easily. Run a few cups of water through it to make sure the hose doesn't leak and that it works before re-assembling. Re-install the cover and two screws. Make sure the upper gasket around the piercing valve is in place when you're done. If you can put batteries in a kids toy, you can do this. If not, call a friend with skills and offer them beer. Too easy!

Jul 08, 2011
Fixed it
by: Anonymous

Read everyones comments about how to fix the Kuerig coffe maker. Even tryed tipping it upside down and hitting the side. radical vertical impact didn't work. What did seem to work was taking a sewing needle and pushing it up into the upper puncture needle and moving it around...right away we got full cups again. It was clogged with old coffe grinds. We have had our unit for 3 years and it only stopped working yesterday.

May 31, 2011
Sentence correction
by: Daryl

In my previous post, here is a corrected sentence: (Think of this as a better way of blocking the tube that leads to the spout at the top of the supply tank)

May 31, 2011
by: Daryl

First, thanks to everyone in this discussion. These messages helped me to make some progress today.

As so many have confirmed, the suggested solutions from Kuerig (descaling, paper clips) are of limited value. And the fact that the company does not ask about or even confirm the other diagnostic symptoms, e.g. water flowing back into the supply tank, also tells me they are content with their obsolescence.

Some people have been able to make their machine start work again by blocking the "left" spout into the supply tank. I have a Platinum; and I don't have a "left" spout, I have just a spout. And blocking that provides no improvement.

Short-cupping has to be caused by insufficient water flow due to a blockage/restriction, a valve somewhere opening that should not be opening, or a weak pump.

I was able to remove the bottom (easy) and the top of my machine (GREAT difficulty). I saw that while there is a supply tube that comes up from the bottom of the supply tank in to the brewer, there is a network of exhaust tubes that seem to go everywhere. Only one of these empties back in to the supply tank. Therefore blocking the exhaust spout at the top of the supply tank may or may not work. It did not work for me.

From the top of the open unit, I can see the top of the brewer. There are only two tubes exiting the brewer. When the brewing process starts, water is pumped in to the brewer from the bottom. It then exits out one of these two top tubes. (With the front of the machine facing me) I see that the left tube leads to the needle spout at the front of the unit. The right one leads down into the machine and to the network of exhaust tubes.

I pinched off the right tube therefore blocking any/all water flow through the network of exhaust tubes. (This of this as a better what of blocking the tube that leads to the spout at the top of the supply tank). I then started the cycle. I now can consistently produce 15-16 oz for large, 9-10 oz for medium, and 5-6 oz for small.

I believe what I have done by pinching/stopping the exhaust water flow at its source is to increase water flow/pressure from the brewer to the needle spout. And in doing so, sufficient water now flows to the K-cup and then the coffee cup.

I believe that this tells me that my pumps are fine. And that the problem is either (1) a restriction from the brewer to the K-cup, e.g., the needle spout, or (2) a faulty valve that opens to the primary exhaust tube coming from the brewer.

I'm going after #1 next. I know that I already have descaled/paper-clipped. But I read with interest the message about using something smaller and more flexible, and really, really cleaning out the needle spout.

If there is no blockage from the brewer to the K-cup, the problem must be a faulty valve that opens to the exhaust. So I will have to leave the primary exhaust tube clamped. I assume this eventually will cause other problems, so I will count on not having my machine much longer.

May 05, 2011
fixed my machine
by: Anonymous

fixed my b60 from shortcupping -- two small black screws in the top head piece that moves on the outside, where the needle is to poke the kcup. look carefully upwards at the head, they are there near the outside. remove the two screws, then carefully lift the thin casing off from the top, inside are clear tubes.

the tube near the back to the top of what looks like the internal reservoir was filled with a white paste of minerals on my machine, white paste in the tank too but couldn't get that out ... remove the black clip and tube and clean out the gunk out of the tube. works fine with full cups now :)

May 05, 2011
update 2
by: Drew

since receiving my new platinum, i decided to experiment with the "old" one to see if i could track down the problem. I noticed most of the reps and people on this forum(including me) have been blaming the scale build-up for short cups-not brewing at all-water dripping from overflow spout. after cleaning the exit needle and using weed trimmer string inserted thru overflow tube, i plugged brewer back in and it worked great the rest of the day. Next morning, same problems i had previously cropped up again.Hmmm. I unplugged the unit for a while, plugged it back in and voila ! it worked like a charm. My conclusion is that, most of the time, it's a mechanical problem, and not related at all to scale build-up.Ok, off to the transfer station (formerly called the dump)

May 03, 2011
Different Plug for Overflow Spout
by: Anonymous

Based on what was said here, my boyfriend came up with a solution that may work better than the bamboo skewers.

We have the Platinum Keurig machine and, like everyone else who has had the pleasure of using one, it started short cupping us not long after we got it. Also based on what has been said here, we haven't bothered to take the machine back because there's no point if the problem is a design flaw, not a faulty machine.

We found that the bamboo skewers didn't fit snuggly in ours, and while using a q-tip was working, I was concerned that that'd get gross fast. So, my boyfriend ingeniously took one of his third party DS Lite styluses (must be these exact styluses), cut off the tip where it narrows, and stuffed it into the left hand side of the overflow spout. Suffice it to say, it fits snuggly and the machine seems to be working. I thought I would post this as an alternative to bamboo skewers, as the stylus is made of plastic instead of wood.

Apr 30, 2011
by: Drew

set up new platinum and noticed differnce with resrvoir. there is a fine mesh screen covering the outlet at the bottom which was not present in the old one.Brewed the first cup perfectly ! Isn't modern technology wonderful ? ( typed with extreme sarcasm)

Apr 30, 2011
short cup problem
by: Drew

I too am having the same problems described on this no sense in repeating. I am on my 3rd Platinum in 16 mos. 1st one was a gift, other 2 rec'd free from Green Mountain\Keurig.I didn't start having problems (well except for an occasional non-brew which i chalk up to a ghost in the machine) until i dutifully de-scaled ( on this 3rd machine the rep is now saying every 4-6 weeks)3rd machine just arrived yesterday and still in box. I thought i would give the 2nd one (which i have only had for 6 mos) another chance. I was going to try all the various suggestions, but i came to the conclusion that none of us should have to go thru all of this frustration. Therefore, I'm throwing 2nd brewer out, setting up third for a final time. If this doesn't work then I am done with the company. Their profit structure is, i feel,identical to the ink jet printers. sell the macine at a loss- make money with the replacement cartridges.(which is why they send out a new machine in 3-7 days) But ink jet printers are much more reliable than the Keurig.I'll post back regarding "Platinum III"

Apr 26, 2011
short cups/no cups
by: Tom

Seems like the problem is in the coffee grinds that make it through the k-cup and stop the unit up. Have noticed in the past that sometimes coffee grinds are in the cup of coffee, sometime none at all. This to me indicates that their is a blockage in the water passage and it must be related to the grinds. Have cleaned the unit as per instructions, works well a few times and then same problem starting with a short cup. Bought me some compressed air, the kind to clean computer key boards, using the straw and wala, coffee grinds comming out indicating a restriction.
The cure:Buy a small mesh bag at the hardware store, put k cup inside the bag and it acts as an additional filter, even though the needle punctures the k cup the mesh bag captures the coffe grinds and it will solve the restriction problem.

Apr 26, 2011
Short Cups Consistently
by: Anonymous

Bought the Cuisinart SS-700C with Keurig Brewer in Nov 2010, and it worked perfectly for about two months, and has since been giving us continual grief. We have tried every possible solution to no avail, and quite frankly, we bought this very expensive system to make our lives easier, not more frustrating. Having paid $250 only 5 months ago for the machine, and then going crazy and buying 14 boxes of 24 k-cups which I'm now wondering if I'll get to use before this machine completely craps out, needless to say I feel ripped out. I recommend not buying this system. For the price it simply isn't worth it. Tough lesson on this one. Avoid this product.

Apr 25, 2011
short cupping
by: tina

Good morning, i bought my keruig B60 about 1 1/2 years ago and like many others it has started short cupping, did the vinegar and paperclip things too and at first it started giving me full cups of coffee but the next day it started short cupping again. tried the vinegar and paperclip thing again and the same thing so i called customer service and they again ran me through the cleaning process and told me the warrenty had run out, i told them i was well aware of it running out and needed a new one, they told me they would replace it if i joined the coffee club they had they would send me a
new one for 1/2 price. i told them the only way i would let them replace it was if they sent me a new one for free with the price of the coffee maker and the price of the coffee it was not worth the money and i would go back to my small, cheap Mr Coffee. i love the coffee from the keruig B60 but with the cost of the coffee and the coffee maker it is not worth it no longer then it last. so not worth the money.

Apr 18, 2011

I have the keurig B31 and had same problem. It is designed to hold no more than 10 oz of water. If you put in more than that, it overflows into the basin under the cup holder, unless you have the k-cup compartment open which allows the water to flow into the heat chamber and will not have a chance to overflow. So you can brew a cup of Joe that is more than 10oz. Hope that helps

Apr 10, 2011
Call customer service
by: ktharg

Issues since January same as below with "short cups" and water back into the reservoir. It always seems to be fixed after playing with it, but then starts acting up again a few weeks later.

Only thing I noticed not posted below was my machine tends to excessively draw water from the reservoir before and after as well will sometimes stops the brew all together and draws water for 10-15 seconds - flaky operation and not how it originally operated or sounded a year ago.

Called service this morning, they did an awesome job going through things with me -- CALL THEM!! They are there 7 days a week.

They are sending me a new B65 brewer to replace the B66 Costco model I have. Just need to return the bottom K-Cup holder, but I can keep the rest of the old machine for parts.

Apr 08, 2011
Fixed mine - for now
by: John G

My machine had been acting up for months, with short cups and oversized cycles (always watch your coffee cycle, or....)

I figured the 1+ year old machine was just wearing out. I descaled periodically, but probably not often enough.

When it quit completely, I noticed it was running the hot water back in to the reservoir. Obviously not right. No water through through the coffee cartridge.

I took the bottom off and looked inside. Ok, I'm an electrical guy, but I'm not going IN THERE. Hoses and tubes running everywhere, and the tubes I can see look perfectly clear. I then went to my trusty repair manual (i.e. internet postings) and find a step by step tear down procedure for replacing the pump. Nope, my time is worth more than that.

So I go to try the paper clip trick, but my wife intercepts me and says she's already done that. (She apparently likes her coffee in the morning almost as much as I do, and she also apparently uses the same "repair manual" as me.)

But I already have the piano wire (metal guitar string end) so I decide to go fishing myself in the puncture needle in the top of the unit. Seems clear, except I start to get some sediment out. The more I poke and prod, the more sediment I get.

After I hit the point of diminishing returns, I decide to try it and see what happens. Plug her in, fill her up, pop the coffee cartridge out so there's NO back pressure, and viola, where I wasn't getting even a single drop, now it's a moderate flow. Run a few more cycles, and the flow is rapid again! Pop a cartridge in, and the wife gets her first hot cup of coffee in days. Mine follows. Good to go - for now.

The point of this posting is that apparently she tried the paper clip, and it didn't work. You may want to try something smaller and more flexible, to make the "bend" in the hose, which is probably a right-angle plastic fitting in all honesty.

Give it a whirl. And good luck.

Apr 03, 2011
Platinum Keurig Short Cup
by: Scott in VA

Recently we noticed our 3 month-old Keurig machine was short cupping on large cups. I removed the K Cup holder and used a paper clip on the exit needle, which didn't seem to be clogged, and once replaced in the machine, had no effect on the short cupping.

To remove the exit needle from the equation entirely, I just started testing with the K Cup holder out of the machine. My small and medium buttons work perfectly - exactly 6oz and 8oz, respectively. The large cup is supposed to produce 10oz, but consistently produces 6oz. Out of 10 test runs, the large cup produced 9 6oz cups, and one 10oz cup. I think it's a hardware problem, and the large cup button is being interpreted as a small cup most of the time. I tried pressing the large cup button at different angles, holding it down longer, etc., but could never get the machine to give me another 10oz cup.

Given the price of the machine, and the price of the K Cups, I would have expected "premium" durability. I will be calling Keurig for a replacement.

Mar 30, 2011
keurig says there are no problems
by: Anonymous

i have received the mini brewer for a christmas gift and it stopped making full cups and was leaking water. after I called Keurig and ran through the trouble shooting which did not help, they ended up sending me a replacement.
The replacement came, after one week, the same thing was happening and water is not filtering down into the cup. I asked the rep today when I called if there are problems with the personal brewer and he said NO. Guess it is just me!
They are sending me another one. They must be very cheap to make, and they certainly work as though they are very cheap!

Mar 24, 2011
by: Wilson

Have only had the Keurig Platinum since christmas and it has suddenly started acting up. Did the de-scaling and also paper clip thing. What is the BB Trick?

Mar 01, 2011
Thought the BB trick was working, but...
by: Aviator

As I commented recently here, my B76 Keurig seemed to have responded well to the BB trick to solve both short-cup and a no-brew problems. Unfortunately, I spoke too soon. Here's the sequence from this morning:

1. "Ready to brew" with the standard starting display and my default "large cup" size flashing.
2. Press Brew >> "Brewing"
3. After a couple of minutes, no coffee and the display announces "Ready to brew" again. Okay, so it lied. Let's try again.
4. Raise and lower the handle to get the display with my "large cup" default cup size flashing and once again press Brew.
5. Same indications and an empty cup. One more try.
6. Raise and lower the handle, but this time the display only shows the "travel mug" size. All the other sizes have disappeared from the screen. What the heck. I get another cup to catch any overflow and press Brew.
7. This time I get a cup immediately, and it appeared to dispense the travel mug amount of water.
8. I decide to try again immediately just to see what will happen. After removing the used cup, I now have a standard display with the "large cup" flashing. I press Brew and immediately get a full measure of water in a cup. Go figure.

There is something way wrong within the guts of this brewer. For any of you tempted to call customer service, realize that they are either incapable of understanding the problem, or they refuse to acknowledge and deal with it in any way other than to send you a new brewer. Which, according to the experience of others on this forum, will most likely be nothing more than a temporary fix.

And for any of you who haven't bought one yet, don't.

Feb 26, 2011
Design Changed
by: Anonymous

FYI, I was in Target today and happened to look at a B60 SE like I have, except newer. Now there is only one drain tube going back into the reservoir instead of the two side-by-side ones like we have been talking about here. Looks like they changed the design. I wonder if they just eliminated one of the tubes, like what we did essentially (with the BB trick).

Feb 24, 2011
Luck with customer service
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problems as everyone else with the short cups and water running down into the water dispenser. Plus, my descale light will not go off after multiple cleanings and a cleaning in between (w/no light on). Tried the cleaning methods with vinegar & paper clip and finally called customer service. They were extremely nice and apologized for the problems. Walked me through a couple more troubleshooting things and had me measure the amount coming out of my machine. They had me brew 3 small cups into a measuring cup and when they were all three different amounts (1/2 c., 2/3 c., and a little less than 2/3 c.)told me that they would replace my machine due to the output not being correct. I had it for a year in Dec. so not under warranty anymore. If you're having these problems it's worth a call. Also, they told me as soon as I get new machine to descale it (w/vinegar) and even though I use bottled water to descale every 3 months and do paperclip method as well. Apparently, by the time the descale light comes on damage has already been done (which she admitted is not correctly written in the instruction manual).

Feb 22, 2011
BB Worked
by: Anonymous

Just want to let you all know that plugging the rearmost outlet tube with a BB fixed my short cup problem. I also did all the descaling, the paperclip and even blew compressed air in the two tubes to clear any potential clogs but it did no good. The BB is the only think that got me a full cup. Too bad, my Keurig worked good for about 13 months.

Feb 21, 2011
So far so good
by: Aviator

As a follow-up to my Feb 18 comment: the BB inserted into the left hole in the 90-degree angled rubber "spigot" fitting at the top left rear of the unit above the reservoir has eliminated problems with short/no cupping. As mentioned by others here, I'm convinced that for whatever reason, this user fix overcomes a design deficiency in the brewer that causes unreliable transfer of water from the reservoir into the heated tank within the unit. Another problem may crop up, or the short/no cup issue might return, but for now it's working flawlessly every time.

Feb 21, 2011
Same Problems
by: Anonymous

Same problems. Tried all the solutions. Nothing works. Keurig is replacing the unit even though it's out of warranty. If the same thing happens I'm going up into the attic and taking down my old stovetop percolator. I drink coffee for the jolt, not the taste, so all the other stuff is just a nuisance.

Feb 20, 2011
Compressed Air
by: Anonymous

Use a can of compressed air and insert the nozzle into each hole of the rubber fitting at the top rear of the reservoir housing. Make sure the reservoir has some water in it. Give each side a shot of air until you get air bubbling out of the bottom. Make sure you have a cup underneath the front to catch the water being forced out by the air pressure.

Feb 19, 2011
finally happy!!!
by: me

I was having the same problem as most people here..short cups..VERY frustrating..many customer service phone thing I mentioned twice to the rep is.."is the water supposed to be running back into the water tank?" "oh yes that's normal" I didn't think it was so when I put something in the left side of white resovour and ran the machine it made the perfect size cup EVERY time. Try really works. I don't understand why Keurig can't fix this problem..they just keep sending out new machines to people. Gotta love big corporations.

Feb 18, 2011
by: Aviator

I've visited too many sources to count trying to determine how to fix this problem so obvious to users and apparently so mysterious to Keurig. After receiving the polite (but scripted) responses from customer service, I'm convinced there are no viable answers available there, just the same old paper clip/filtered water/descale mantra that solves nothing. But the comments and suggestions here about lack of reliable transfer of water from the reservoir into the brewer made a lot of sense, and I just tried the trick with the BB in the left hole of the rubber fitting at the top rear of the reservoir housing. Bingo. The brewer works as advertised. At least for now. I'll have to wait and see how permanent a solution that is, but in the meantime, if you haven't tried it, I suggest you do, and maybe you can join me in thanking the person who first mentioned it.

Feb 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

My daughter-in-law was complaining about this recently, and she discovered that if she left the water tank cover off during the process, the cup filled every time. Maybe some kind of vacuum buildup in the tank??? I'm thinking maybe drill a small pinhole either in the tank cover or in the back at the top??? I'll give it a try and see how we make out. If it works, I'll update this post.

Feb 13, 2011
Short Cup on Two Makers
by: Anonymous

I've purchased two of these Platinum brewers, each one failing to work consistently (short cup on both) after the warranty expired. I started using only distilled water when I got the second one that Keurig sent me at a "discounted" price after blaming my softened, filtered water. The discount was about the same price as buying from Costco.

I have been able to regularly clear the nozzle as suggested on this site with some positive results. I wonder how long it will continue to work, however. I've been a fool twice buying this defective-by-design brewer and cannot see any reason to buy another or recommend it to anybody.

Be careful with those short cups. I learned to be extra careful after removing one K-Cup and having hot water pour down my fingers as I was throwing it away after a short cup incident.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a misrepresented company in my opinion (NASDAQ: GMCR). They claim environmental responsibility while producing cheap, throw-away coffee makers at an exorbitant profit margin. Shares in their company have skyrocketed from the sale of these poorly made devices and the royalties on every K-Cup sold. They seem due for a major correction, maybe even a class action lawsuit as they continue to distribute their horribly made products.

Feb 13, 2011
Here's my solution
by: rjt

This is the second Keurig machine we have owned that has stared short-cupping. The company sent us a new one when the first machine started to malfunction.

After reading the posts below, I observed the white rubber spout at the top during a cycle and there was no backflow of water. I plugged both holes with BBs and tried to run a cycle. No water would dispense and I turned off the machine. I took out the right BB only and I still received only 8 oz. at the end of a cycle. I then removed the left BB and everything is back to normal. I suspect that this line must get clogged and the procedure above clears it.

Feb 12, 2011
Fixed it!
by: Calvin

As some others have posted, the reservoir tank has a clear rubber spout in the top rear. the LEFT hole in this spout can be plugged. I used a plastic BB from on of my kids guns. I pushed it into the hole until it rested in the 90 degree corner of the spout. We are making full cups again.

Feb 09, 2011
FIX for short cupping
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Keurig 860 for my wife for Christmas 2010. She started complaining about the short cupping starting with the mug or largest size. Yesterday she said all sizes were short cupping. I got to this website and tried cleaning, then paperclipping the nozzle. Nothing was sucessful. Then I tried blocking the left overflow hole. I tried a couple of cups-- no improvement. Then I stopped up both holes and let it cycle through. It wouldn't until I un-stopped the right hole. Then, it went through the complete cycle. Then I tried it again with just the left hole stopped. It IS working. Thank you so very much for this work-a-round. It's a good thing that there are many people out there smarter than the rest of us.

Feb 08, 2011
Possible solution to short cup problem
by: Patience

possible solution to short cup problems. I plugged the left side of the 2 sided overflow spout in the water reservoir, this fixed the problem immediately and has been fine ever since.I broke a bamboo skewer that snuggly fit the hole. Changing it up weekly to keep it from accumalating any germs.

Feb 07, 2011
Short Cup Problem
by: Nancy

I have had this problem a couple of times during the one and a half years I've owned my Keurig Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I just keep brewing twice for one cup until it corrects itself. Usually all it takes is a couple of weeks. Not sure why it dose this a few times a year? Other than that I love my Keurig.

Feb 05, 2011
A possible solution To short cup
by: Patience

Had the same short cup problem so many other had posted. After examining the drip spout in the water reservor, I pushed the button for brewing, I then blocked both outlets. The machine began the process of brewing however no water would come thru the coffee making spout. I then blocked the left hand side only Of the overflow spout. Water then came thru the coffee making spout. Therefore I blocked the left side of the overflow spout using a bamboo screw to fit snuggly in the spout(left hand side only) it makes coffee consistently at the right amounts now. Hope this helps others who are havin the same problem I had.

Feb 05, 2011
A possible solution To short cup
by: Patience

Had the same short cup problem so many other had posted. After examining the drip spout in the water reservor, I pushed the button for brewing, I then blocked both outlets. The machine began the process of brewing however no water would come thru the coffee making spout. I then blocked the left hand side only Of the overflow spout. Water then came thru the coffee making spout. Therefore I blocked the left side of the overflow spout using a bamboo screw to fit snuggly in the spout(left hand side only) it makes coffee consistently at the right amounts now. Hope this helps others who are havin the same problem I had.

Feb 02, 2011
Short Cup & Coffee Grounds Problems
by: Anonymous

We too love our Keurig. But our problem is short cups, however seems to be tied to the Emeril's Big Easy Intense K-cups as we don't tend to see this happen with other brands of K-cups. Grounds come out of the K-cup into the coffee cup and in the coffeemaker cup holder area. Have tried cleaning the needles. It's intermittant but irritating! Has anyone else had this problem?

Jan 30, 2011
Short Cup.. a sad /bad situation
by: Anonymous

I received my Keurig Coffee maker Christmas of 2010. Since then, I repeatedly have had issues with short cups of coffee. Followed the whole 10 yards of cleaning instructions multiple (6) times and still get short cups.
Called customer service technicians (extremely nice) and they had no real answers on how to fix the problem. Not good answers for consumers, however they did offer to send me a new machine.
In return for a new machine, I was told I had PAY to send the K-cup holder back to Keurig. Customer service said to discard the old machine however I saw fit. Why should I have to PAY to return the K-cup holder, when the old machine is flawed? Do not understand this policy. I wouldn't waste my time calling the company if the old one worked properly in the first place. If they want their darn K-cup hold back, they can send me a postage paid return container.

Jan 22, 2011
short cup
by: Anonymous

I followed this persons directions and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks! -- Remove the cover from the water. Do not load any coffee. Run only water into a cup while the cover is removed. If water is running back into the water dispenser throught the white plastic nozzle put you finger over the nozzle and hold it there until the cycle stops. Run the cycle again. If water no longer is running back into the water dispenser, it should be fixed. It seems that half the water was running into the dispenser and half into the cup.

Jan 18, 2011
Platinum not working
by: Ayopeez

I was having the same problem with the short/half cups. This morning, it would not brew at all. Customer Service walked me through the de-scaling procedures, but it is still not working properly. Since I have well water (though it's triple filtered) he told me that I should de-scale every 3 to 6 weeks. Are you kidding me! I think we may go back to the Tassimo that we had for three years with no problems. And we though the Keurig was an upgrade. Not so!

Jan 18, 2011
short cup
by: Anonymous

This is my second machine. I keep getting short cups. Did all of the trouble shooting suggestions. Still having a problem. Did try the tip about holding your finger over the white spout. Hope I don't have to do that each time I brew a cup!!! I don't think so.

Jan 15, 2011
short cup fix
by: Anonymous

I believe the short cups are happening because half of the water is being put back into the water dispenser and half is going into the cup. If you remove the water dispenser cover and run only water through the machine while the cover is off, you might see water running back into the dispenser through the white plastic nozzle at the top of the water dispenser. If this is the case, hold your finger over the nozzle while the cycle is running. Running another cycle of water into a cup. If the water is still running out of the nozzle hold your finger over it again. The water is not supposed to run out into the water dispenser. I believe there is a trap door at the end of the nozzle hose that gets stuck and sends the water in the wrong direction. The pressure of forcing the water not to come out should help to close the door. It worked for me. Can't hurt to try.

Jan 15, 2011
short cup fix
by: Anonymous

Remove the cover from the water. Do not load any coffee. Run only water into a cup while the cover is removed. If water is running back into the water dispenser throught the white plastic nozzle put you finger over the nozzle and hold it there until the cycle stops. Run the cycle again. If water no longer is running back into the water dispenser, it should be fixed. It seems that half the water was running into the dispenser and half into the cup. This worked for me.

Jan 15, 2011
Expensive Junk
by: Anonymous

Both have short cup issue Platium makes short cup then goes into refill cycle runs & runs and finally trips out & shuts off. Elite sounds like a garbage disposer when it runs. Been there done that with the vineger and paper clip & bought the charcoal filters, I'm done with Keurig and their expensive junk!

Jan 08, 2011
short cups spraying and weak coffee
by: Anonymous

ditto to all of the above along with spraying and weak coffee. price is rediculous also and environmental issue problematic. there should be a way of recycling the cups. i love the 'idea' of the convenience but unfortunately this is probably going back to BBB...

Jan 08, 2011
short cups spraying and weak coffee
by: Anonymous

ditto to all of the above along with spraying and weak coffee. price is rediculous also and environmental issue problematic. there should be a way of recycling the cups. i love the 'idea' of the convenience but unfortunately this is probably going back to BBB...

Jan 08, 2011
Platinum problem
by: Anonymous

Was given Plat as a gift in Sept worked great for 3 months then short cupped. Tried all the solutions they provide after calling...paper clip, sequence brew with water, uplug 15x, move rubber ring, a few times then short cups.

I think the company makes money on the k cups. I saw the a report about the company losing money and I suspect they will be bought by a bigger co and then all the people who bought willbe left out in the cold. the customer service is great but I would not recommend this. Its a real shame bc when it works its awesome. I would pay more money for a product that works

Dec 31, 2010
Ceramic coffee cups vs Paper Cups
by: Karen C.

I just purchased the Kuerig Elite.I made my first cup of coffee and noticed I only got half of a cup too.After following directions, cleaning etc...I brewed a second cup.I still got half of a cup.I read to see how much the "large" cup size is and saw it is about 9oz. Then, I poured my just brewed cup into my pyrex measuring cup and saw that it did inded brew 9oz. A paper cup will give you a full cup. Coffee cups that people typically have at home the coffee will be filled to about half of a cup.... After thinking about this for a minute the only time I have ever had a cup of Keurig coffee was out of a paper cup and it was always full.

Dec 30, 2010
4th machine in 16 months
by: Katie

I love my Keurig...when it works, which is rarely anymore. I paid a lot of money for it and only brew 1 -2 cups a day. I am currently getting half cups. I've done the paper clip, taken it apart and cleaned it, done the vinegar thing, and still half cups. I'm probably beyond getting it replaced, but that's my next shot. If not, it's back to Mr Coffee for me. You don't charge 140+ for a piece of crap. Or maybe you do...sigh....

Dec 29, 2010
Platium Providing Short Cups
by: Davemar

Purchased in October 2010. Initally worked great but recently the unit began to provide short cups. Did the paper clip thing along with vinegar thing with no results. Called the company who were very helpful. After following their instructions with no success they agreed to send me out a new unit. Hopefully the new one works longer than 3 months.

Dec 29, 2010
Great Machine
by: Anonymous

I have the platinum machine, and it works great everytime. Makes a great cup of coffee and is very convenient. The Green Mountain Free Trade Columbian is possibly the best coffee I've ever bought. I've read the problems people are complaining about the short cups, and fortunately haven't had those problems. Possible solution: I had been having problems with all my household appliances that use water. Then I had a water softening and purifying system installed for my whole house by Culligan and all the problems with my water using appliances ceased. This might be the problem many of you are having, as hard water is very destructive to most appliances. Just thought I would share this.

Dec 29, 2010
4 machines later
by: Webduo

In three years we've gone through 2 Elite machines and 2 Platinum machines... all the same problems reported above. Love the coffee so we're giving the OfficePro a chance (waiting for it to arrive) but we will NEVER buy the Elite or Platinum machines again. Horrible quality and you never know if you're going to get a full or half cup brew. Funny that the crap machines are the only ones that you can use your Keurig points to redeem on.

Dec 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well I called Keurig customer support last night and after going through the troubleshooting procedures for a second time they are sending us a new unit. They told me to bury the old unit (joker) and send back the K-Cup holder. We too were getting the short cups. This sure is looking like a major problem for these brewers. I am fully expecting the replacement to last only 6-months if that. I think the one major problem I see with this and any other item you buy nowadays is it is made in that Asian country with over 1 billion people. This is definitely a cheaply made appliance. I wonder if they sell extended warranties???? :)

Dec 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Seems we are all having the same problem. GOING BACK TO SEARS!!

Dec 27, 2010
Half cup
by: Anonymous

Bought machine, only getting half cups, returned it, got new machine brewed 2 cups called company and they told us to clean it so we did, brewed 1 cup then back to short cups. IT IS GOING BACK!!!

Dec 27, 2010
Half cup
by: Anonymous

Bought machine, only getting half cups, returned it, got new machine brewed 2 cups called company and they told us to clean it so we did, brewed 1 cup then back to short cups. IT IS GOING BACK!!!

Dec 26, 2010
Wow - glad I'm not the only one...
by: Anonymous

Clearly, they've 'pulled a fast one' on us with a machine that costs over $150 dollars and has this CONSISTENT of a problem.

It started with occasional 'short cups' (although even the 'large' isn't all that large - but anyway...) - and then occasionally no coffee at all - but openining and reclosing and running again has generally worked.

Of course - having to do this completely UNDOES the whole point of this machine -- having to babysit it and figure out what magic combination of large, medium, or small brew clicks will combine to give me my cup of coffee...

This would all be somewhat understandable if the machine was cheap - BUT IT'S NOT!!!! Ridiculous for the money...

From reading the other tales of woe - I'm just glad ours will brew coffee --- We'll likely just use up the current K-cups we have and try something else...

Dec 25, 2010
Kuerig Blue Lights dont flash solution
by: Anonymous

Well we were told to push the blinking blue light on the Kuerig Elite when it starts flashing but it never flashed. We could not figure this out. We wanted to run the cleaning cycle as this is a new machine we opened on Christmas, dec 25th 2010. We had solid blue lights. SO we opened it up and put the My K Cup filter in there and then closed it and the lights started flashing. We pushed one of the sizes and it started giving out the water! So then we took out the filter and waited for the next batch to heat up...30 seconds or so. And when the solid blue lights came on again, we opened the machine up, making it think we put in a packet or a loaded filter, and then when we closed it back up, the blue lights started flashing and when you pressed either button, it worked. They didn't explain that well enough in the set up instructions to open and close it after you see solid blue lights.

Dec 23, 2010
Going on 3rd Machine
by: Anonymous

I have the Platinum. Bought it a year ago. The first unit would just shut itself off for no reason. Sometimes it would stay on for a week, sometimes a minute. They were EXTREMELY nice on the phone and ordered me a replacement. It worked for a couple of months. Now, I get short cups. It has nothing to do with clogging. I descaled it though just to be safe. What happens is it starts brewing, pours out about 1/2 oz, then stops while the screen continues to say "Brewing." If I turn the machine off and on, it will sometimes continue the brewing process. Luckily as stated before, the people are really friendly and helpful. The machines really do lack quality though. I wondering if it's a Platinum issue with all the electronics the basic ones don't have.

Dec 22, 2010
Problem with short cup
by: Margie

Had the same problem with the water not coming out or the Keurig make a short cup. My husband lifted the lid and put a paperclip in the opening where the water is supposed to come through and that fixed the problem.

Dec 21, 2010
Keurig B70 not brewing correctly
by: Anonymous

My Keurig B70 coffee machine was not brewing so I did everything the manual told me to do to try and fix it. It still did not brew so I took a needle and inserted it in the entrance needle on the underside of the lid, cleaned out the clog, and now it works great.

Dec 19, 2010
Same short cup
by: MAG

My mother had the same problem - we did all the "fixes" paper clip, etc - still didn't seem to matter. Then when cleaning the water reservoir, I noticed the spring loaded "water release" at the bottom front of the reservoir. I ran hot water through the reservoir while pushing the spring up and down to perhaps loosen anything that might be there. That seemed to work and now you get a full cup. However, a problem that my Mom has with her machine that I haven't heard before is that her machine makes a LOT of noise while it is brewing. I mean LOUD, irritating noise that sounds like the machine is about to break from the inside out. She says it's been that way since she got it and thought it was normal??? Anybody else have that problem? Doesn't sound like the machine is going to last very long and they are waaaay to expensive to just replace.

Dec 19, 2010
short cups
by: Anonymous

This is my second machine and after my first cup brewed I was back to the same short cup problem and the water was pouring back into the resivior! Very frustrating and I wish this could be fixed as I love the coffee and convenience!

Dec 18, 2010
Brew temp BELOW stated minimum
by: DAG

After a dozen or so cups of coffee and cool oatmeal, I tested the temperature. It was set for the highest- but never went above 178* coming directly out of the machine. After numerous testing... and refilling the reservoir, back it goes. I really wanted to have tghe convenience of this machine, but when I have to use the microwave to warm up coffee within 2 minutes, it's not good-enough. Back to my Braun drip that is 1/3 the size and makes HOT coffee!

Dec 18, 2010
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

Wife picked this unit up two weeks ago.....brew cycle runs nothing comes out.....Use the professional Keurig at work - fine....IMHO, this thing is a piece of cheap junk plastic !

Dec 15, 2010
2 weeks or so
by: Jen

Same problem....I made a cup, then husband came to make his cup...nothing comes out or just a slow trickle. Found the trick about running water through, the paperclip, etc. Cleaned it until the clean water would run through at the right speed. Made a cup this morning, GREAT! Husband went to make his, same problem.

I am going to return mine to Bed, Bath & Beyond and try again. After that, I don't know.

Dec 14, 2010
Short cup? How about no cup?
by: Sophia

I have a brand new Platinum. If I select a larger cup size, it takes water, heats it and hisses, but nothing comes out. Open the k-cup lid and close it again, press the button, same thing. By the third or fourth time a quarter of a cup comes out, then the fourth or fifth time it finally fills up. It should not take me five minutes of watching the machine to finally get a cup of coffee! I've had a B60 for almost two years and it never failed me. This new "Platinum" though...

Dec 13, 2010
acts like it brewing but it's not
by: Tammy

Our brewer is 2 weeks old and we love it. After 2 weeks we started having problems with brewing only one cup then making noise like it was brewing but it really wasn't pulling water in. I did the paper clip thing of course that didn't work. It turns out that the water resevoir on the B40 was not sitting correctly. Kreuig is sending a new one. They are very helpful.

Dec 12, 2010
Continues brew cycle !!!!
by: Rick

My wife and I are on our second keurig coffee pot.First one only brewed half cups.Did the descaling, cleaning,still had problems.Second coffee maker continues to be in the brewing cycle after the cup is full.Smacking the top of the brewer gets it into the ready mode.Great coffee- lousy machines!!!

Dec 09, 2010
One Week Old -- Short Cup/Overflow
by: Anonymous

I've used my Keurig B31 mini plus coffee maker for one week, brewing 2 cups of coffee per day. The amount of coffee brewed for each cup has been inconsistent from the moment the machine was set up. I did the initial clean run before brewing my first cup. This morning I got a 'short' cup for the first cup and the second cup overflowed all over the counter! I am also not pleased with paying $23.00 per pound for coffee! The k-cups are also not environmentally friendly, with no recycling symbols on the bottom of the cups. My opinion? Overpriced and not worth it. I'm going back to the Mr. Coffee mini brewer for $9.99.

Dec 09, 2010
Not brewing full cup
by: Anonymous

This constantly keeps happening with my Keurig. I descale, I use the paper clip......STILL brews half cups from time to time. This is the third machine I've gone through. I love it for the convenience but this is annoying.

Dec 05, 2010
5 different units
by: Anonymous

I have been through 5 units in two years with the same problem over and over. Finally gave up and bought the Bosch Tassimo, don't waste your money slow, loud and you can't brew a cup of plain hot water for tea. Looks like I'm going back to a drip unit.

Dec 04, 2010
Love it!
by: Anonymous

We love our Keurig. We have had our machine for 1 year now without any problems. We use it at least once a day, but on average 3 times per day. I always remove the K cup after my cup is done brewing, and run plain water through it. This machine is fantastic! Love Timothy's coffee, so much better than Tim Horton's and no waiting in line!

Dec 03, 2010
Keurig Coffee Machine -Short cup
by: Anonymous

I had the same issues. Not brewing a full cup...Did the paper clip and descaling. It did not fix the problem. Last resort was to call! We bought it in Jan 10. Still under warranty. Very pleased with Keurig customer service!!!!

Dec 02, 2010
Short cup fill
by: Jenna

I just purchased my Keurig Elite TWO DAYS ago and already it only fills the cup halfway! I'd say only 4 cups of coffee have been brewed so far, and of those 2 were full and 2 were not. This is totally unacceptable!

Dec 01, 2010
substandard machine
by: Anonymous

I really suggest that Keurig make some serious design changes. There are a lot of people out there including me, that are not happy with this coffee maker. I also have a Mr. Coffee maker, that is eons old, and works perfectly. My Keurig was a gift at Easter this year, and has been giving me grief for a month. Has now quit altogether. I think for $200 it should be good for a long time.

Nov 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

Received my Keurig for Christmas last year and have had constant problems since July to keep it running. Same problems as all the others, short cup and constant descaling. Keurig needs to take a second look at this coffemaker.

Nov 22, 2010
too much fuss for this coffee maker
by: Anonymous

I received a Keurig coffee maker last Christmas and by July of this year I started getting the short cup problem. I descaled and the coffee maker seemed to be a little better but it was still sporadic big cups/small cups off and on for a few months. It is now November and the coffee maker is starting to make smaller and smaller cups. I descaled again did the paper clip thing and still no improvement. Finally after several calls Keurig is sending me a new one. My cheap Mr. Coffee ran for years and still runs. Thank goodness I kept it for backup just in case!

Nov 21, 2010
Happened to Me Twice
by: Nancy

The same thing happened to me twice. The model was he b65 from qvc. I did all the things you did. Customer service took my serial number, I sent the K-cup holder back (coffee maker came before I sent it to them). I used the new b-65 coffee maker for 6 months and the same thing happend. I ran it through all the same drills and nothing changed. I called them up again and told them I had already done everything they were going to tell. Here's the serial number. I received another one again. I suggested they hire an engineer or two to find out what the design problem is. I have another model and do not have any problems with it. I told them I paid too much to be playing with paperclips to fix it. Keurig should give you the tools to clean the orifices if that is that is the problem. But it hasn't been the problem for me. Customer Service is really good.

Nov 16, 2010
Only works half the time
by: Anonymous

This is a new machine; after the water has heated up and we've selected the cup size, the machine makes noise like something's happening, but nothing ever comes out; went through the descaling thing with customer service, although I don't know why you'd have to descale a new machine; worked for a cup after that, but now it's back to lots of brew noises but no coffee!!!

Nov 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well we had the same problem so we did the cleaning thing and paper clip thing and now it just keeping running water they the cycle even when we don't want coffee. It was purchased at christmas so its not old oh and its not heating the water either grrr

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