Keurig Coffee Maker # B60 "Coffee just doesn't taste right"

I got the B60 model as a Christmas present this year - 2010. I have not had a good cup of coffee yet. At first it tasted to me like dishwater and when I called Keurig they asked it my coffee had a plastic taste. They suggested I was the water reservoir out with vinegar and soap and try again.

In the meantime they are sending me a new water reservoir. The coffe has lost that bad taste but the taste quality of the coffee is still washed out. I may have to get a new brewer from them. Anyone else have this trouble?

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Feb 13, 2016
Bitter Coffee makes my stomach hurt NEW
by: BKB

Mine tastes like plastic too! The coffee is bitter and my stomach has not felt the same since. We got the old Cuisinart back out for a GOOD cup of coffee. This afternoon I thought I would have a quick cup from the Keurig...I started by running fresh water thru the system...3 times!!! The water stinks! I cant stomach the thought of drinking a cup from it! So sad we invested so much into the Keurig with such high expectations! A jar of instant in the microwave would be better!

Jan 11, 2016
Plastic Taste NEW
by: Anonymous

I received a keurig 2.0 for Christmas. It has a plastic taste. I cleaned the reservoir, ran vinegar through it, and have been brewing cup after cup. It is not as noticeable if you use strong dark roast pods, but it is unacceptable in weaker coffee and the swiss miss cocoa is terrible. Will it wear off....

Dec 08, 2015
same sweet taste NEW
by: Anonymous

I also am getting this strange sweet taste in my keurig. Almost tastes like amaretto.

Nov 02, 2015
weird sweet taste NEW
by: Anonymous

I also have that weird sweet taste. We've been using our keurig for about 7 months now and out of no where our coffee started having this weird sweet taste to it. What is it??

Sep 29, 2015
Weird taste NEW
by: Anonymous

Everything i make in my keurig has a weird sweet taste. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate all have this same taste. Its no plasticy, hard to explain but anyone else have this taste?

Sep 18, 2015
chemical taste NEW
by: Paul

Glad to see this all over the web and that it is not just me. Whatever is causing the taste is probably carcinogenic. GMCR has made a huge design error. How could it get on the market
without them tasting their own coffee?

Sep 06, 2015
Coffee Taste NEW
by: Anonymous

Try using less water. If you like stronger coffee, then what is recommended will not taste right to you. You may want to also try other flavors and coffee types till you find your favorite taste. Also check the dates, old coffee does not taste right.

Hope you get your right taste and can start enjoying!

Aug 02, 2015
Taste problem after cleaning NEW
by: Wendell

My coffee was fine until I cleaned the Keuirig with vinegar. I flushed several times with water, and cleaned the water container. But now my coffee is weak. I guess I have to flush with water some more...

Feb 08, 2015
peace of mind over convience NEW
by: Anonymous

Just picked up a Keurig 2 days ago I'm going to return it and if not successful its going into the garbage. I will chalk it up to a learning experience cause It does not feel healthy drink synthetic tasting coffee. Sure would not want several years to pass by to find out what the negative effects this coffee machine is having on my family

Feb 04, 2015
2 years and now bitter yuck! NEW
by: BW

Have had ours for a few years now. Always has had a tang taste. Clean it frequent enough. Shut it off after use. Tank gets slimy like a dirty fish tank. Today again ... Cleaned mine thoroughly vinegar, washed tank etc. still has a weird bite tang. Time to go back to the brew maker I guess. Bummer because we love the convenience of it!

Jan 27, 2014
bad taste NEW
by: Gilbert

If your machine is anything like the 5 Keurig I had, it won't matter what you try. You may just have to call customer service and request they send you a new one. By the way, Keurig has the best customer service but their coffee machine needs to be reviewed big time. My very first one lasted 18 months and was perfect but the other 5 I tried tasted like soap or plastic or something. I gave up and now enjoying Tassimo.

Jan 27, 2014
bad tasting coffee NEW
by: Anonymous

Had Keurig for about 4 weeks. Coffee taste weird from time to time. It taste like old coffee that has been sitting for a while. Also cups are not filling up either. We have not tried the vinegar thing, but will try it now.

Dec 31, 2012
Easy Fix NEW
by: Anonymous

You cannot leave the Keurig power on. Just turn it off after each use and the problem is solved. You will need to run a batch through to rinse out the last of the smell...but, it works just fine.

Dec 02, 2012
Not just Keurig coffee makers NEW
by: Anonymous

It is not just the Keurig coffe makers. It is also Mr Coffee and Cuisinart. We have been having this problem over and over with coffee pots. Tried everything. Cleanign helps for a while and then the taste/smell is back. One comment I read is their Keurig was made in China and maybe there plastic is not regulated the same. Bingo, I do believe she is correct. I looked at three different brand coffee pots all made from China. I do believe some plastic part in the coffee pots are breaking down with the heat or something of that nature. Humm! Today all of my coffee pots are going in the trash and willlook for a glass purk type without plastic.My sister in law has one and it makes marvelous coffee.

Sep 28, 2012
Keurig coffee maker-bad tasting coffee NEW
by: Sandy H.

I bought a Keurig coffee maker the (elite) a couple of years ago. It has been great so when we went to Florida last year I decided to buy one while in Florida but it had that terrible smell of plastic and the plastic taste. I returned and brought another one home and it was the same. So when I got home I thought maybe it was the location so I bought one in NJ and the same problem, horrible plastic chemical taste and I think this one is worse. It almost smells like a poison. I have since tried two more of them with the same results. I would be afraid to drink this coffee! By the way, there is no way that vinegar is going to remove the taste of plastic, nor will anything else. This Plastic when heated must give off some types of dangerous fumes and also CHINA hasn't got the same standards that are required in the USA. They can put anything in their products and they don't care who it kills. SHAME ON KEUIG for not correcting this as it is obvious that it has been going on for years now and seems to be getting worse and they do not care about the health issues. Someone in the USA should stop this product from being sold! Remember the plastic toys from China for children????These had to be taken off the market!Stop buying this product!

Aug 18, 2012
Nasty taste NEW
by: Mary

I had that nasty taste too. I ran vinegar through it a couple of times and the nasty taste is gone.

Jun 28, 2012
Bad Taste :( NEW
by: R D

Two months aga I bought my daughter a B 60 from Sam's Club. After several cups of " Great " coffee at her house, I went and bought one for myself. What the heck is that taste ??????? Hers is just fine, but mine sucks !!!!! Have read the other comments and I will try the vinager thing and after that, I don't know.

Feb 15, 2012
Where is quality control?
by: Anonymous

Bought my B60 last week, and the taste was awful, the machine had a plastic odor . I went through the vinegar routine, which changed nothing. Their customer service people were excellent and they are sending me a second machine. But after reading reviews on this issue, it is clear to me that there is a serious product flow, that appears to be ignored. The plastic tank is clearly a serious issue for this product. Maybe the solution is to manufacture it in North America, where we take pride in our products and standards!

Feb 09, 2012
I think I fixed mine...
by: Anonymous

When I first got my machine going it tasted and smelled horrible which surprised me because my best friend has one and I have brewed many tasteful cups of coffee in her machine. I called Keurig. They suggested using pure vinegar and then to flush out the machine with plain water. It took a lot of vinegar and a few cycles of water, but I think I'm in business. I'm finally drinking my first cup of good tasting coffee. Unfortunate that people are having issues initially. I'm sure Keurig is spending a lot of time trouble shooting and ending up with a lot of returns from unhappy customers. But it seems like if you're willing to take the time to flush it out extensively, you will likely be happy in the end.

Jan 15, 2012
bad taste in water tank
by: helen

I also agree - incredible customer service. My initial b60 had a problem and kept priming and I had just about got rid of the taste after two months. Now I have the new water tank and the same issue and I have tried everything

Jan 07, 2012
Plastic Taste
by: Barb

Have been sent 3 keurigs K60 Special Edition. All have a plastic taste. Did everything they said but taste never went away. Asked me to send the second coffee msker so they could analyze it. Never had a problem with my old one until it quit. Bought my daughter same kind for christmas at Sam's and no problem with it.

Jan 04, 2012
ongoing problem
by: gilbert

I don't think it is a bad batch Keurig has the best customer service in the world but the fact is there is a flaw in their product. This is my 4th machine they sent me and the bad taste is still there. I have tried the vinagar, lemon, even baking soda We have tried everything and nothing get's rid of the taste. It's in the plastic itself. There is nothing the consumer can do only the manufacturer can figure what needs to be done. (they're in no hurry)

Jan 03, 2012
Chemical taste
by: Michelle

I got a Keurig for xmas(2010) and had no problems till about a month ago. It stopped brewing a full cup of coffee. I researched online and did everything I found to try. I descaled it and used a paperclip in the holes of the K cup holder. That didn't work. I then called Keurig hoping they could give me some tips to get it fixed. I've always said I couldn't live without my Keurig!! The rep I spoke with was very nice but was unable to resolve the issue with me. He sent me a brand new Keurig!! I had it over a year and never even registered it. I was so happy that they backed their product up like that. I got my shipment a few days later but when I set it up I had the plastic taste in the water. I have brewed close to 50 cups of just water and it smells so bad. I tasted it and it was like chlorine. I have done some research and am going to try washing it and soaking it in vinegar. I really hope I can get this fixed!!!!! But yes everyone seems to have gotten theirs around XMAS this year and having that chemical taste/smell. I wonder if there was a bad batch made?

Jan 03, 2012
Extremely strong odor!
by: Linda

I received this for Christmas this year. I also have the extremely strong plastic odor.

I've tried running straight vinegar through it and letting it sit for several hours and then running a lot of water through it to clear the vinegar. I've done this twice now.

I only use bottled spring water, so tap water is not the issue. I've made quite a few cups of coffee thinking the odor would go away with use, but it didn't.

Keurig offered to replace the unit for me. Customer service was very easy to deal with. However, will a new unit just do the same thing?

Jan 03, 2012
Horrible Taste
by: Anonymous

i received the keurig special edition brewing system for christmas this year (2011) and it has the terrible plasticy taste that everyone is talking about. i haven't tried any of the "fixes" but plan to today. i hope it works because right now i can't even drink what is brewed which really upsets me. my mom and sister have the exact same model and never had this problem. go figure i would get the one that does!!!!! UGH!

Jan 02, 2012
Bad, Bad taste from new Signature Series Keurig
by: Anonymous

Got this machine for Christmas, and still throw away the coffee that is made in it. As others have commented, terrible plastic, chemical taste. I've wasted almost a whole box of k cups. My little 4 cup drip maker makes much better tasting coffee!! Very disappointed in the Keurig maker. Will try to flush out the system, before calling the company.

Dec 31, 2011
It's not the water
by: Gilbert

Definitely not the water, this much I know. 3 other people got a machine for christmas and they all returned them. It's not just me. I was going to call the news network for a follow-up on how many machines were returned. Just curious as to how a company can keep exchanging coffee makers without making the necessary changes. You would think the designers or engineers or whoever put these together would catch-on. In closing, I bought a Tassimo and I'm not looking back. Happy New Years to everyone......... Gilbert.

Dec 31, 2011
Good luck
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I'm sorry to hear that your coffee tasted bad, perhaps it's not the machine, but your water, perhap you need to use filtered water instead of tap water, I've tasted coffee from several Keurig machine and they've all tasted good.
Hope this help !

Nov 27, 2011
machine # 4
by: gilbert

Ya it's the 4th coffee maker I have received and still has that awful taste and smell. I have to hand it to Keurig If I'd call and complain again they would probably send me another one but not this time. The last Keurig representative I spoke to told me they were sending me an upgraded coffee maker and that turned out to be a lie. What I'm afraid is I'm going to hate all coffee if I continue dealing with Keurig. I say after 4 times if they could not get it right it's they're problem now not the consumer. I'm done with keurig and moving on to Cuisinart or some other company. Oh, also they sent me a 12 pack of cups for "my troubles" there was only 11 in in the box DUH!

Nov 27, 2011
Recycle #6 harmful toxin
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem. I am so upset with Keurig right now. This is my second one after my other one died a couple of years ago. Only reason I got this was because BPA free advertised on box. I used filtered water and noticed a disgusting plastic chemical taste each time I have coffee. The other one never had this taste. I can't even drink it its so bad. So I looked on and qvc to see what other reviewers said and if having same problem and saw some were. I then followed recommendations by reviewers and by Keurig's advice given to them to clean the water reservoir with vinegar of baking soda. When I pulled it out I see a #6 recycle number which is known to leach harmful toxins. The World Health Organization suspects it as a carcinogen. Considering the links of some plastic to cancers and endocrine disruption I am furious right now. BPA free maybe. Chemical toxins not so much

Nov 13, 2011
Smell & Taste
by: RD

I ran through ten ounces of vinegar and it appears that the strong smoke/burnt taste has gone away (though it's only been a few days). However, the unit itself still emits a very strong burnt plastic odor. It's my opinion that consumers have been taken for an expensive ride.

Nov 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Upgraded to the Cuisinart one and its the best thing I ever did..its a lot more money but it works great. Have had it for over a year now. I left a comment a while back. Just wanted to let everyone know what I did!

Nov 05, 2011
by: Gilbert

I got a KEURIG single cup coffee maker for christmas last year and it started to malfunction after 10 months so I was lucky in one way that it was still under warantee. I called the company (Keurig) and they sent me a new one but the coffee tasted like javex or dishwater or something so I called again this time they told me to fill with vinegar flush the system, then wait 4 hours then fill with water flush again but the bad taste was still there. Now they sent me a third machine and the taste is still there no matter how much I try cleaning it, the taste returns. After I clean with vinegar I'm good for the day but the next morning the bad taste always returns. There has to be someone out there that is experiencing the same thing. Do you recommend I change companies or do you have a trick that will work for me?

Oct 21, 2011
Plastic smell, taste
by: Anonymous

We purchased a new B70 to replace the B70 that died after 2 years - heating element quit.
After running two canisters of water through the new unit, it still had a burnt plastic, chemical odor, so I called Keurig. They took my personal information (for their records) and suggested a vinegar cleanse - 2 to 3 Tbsp. added to the water. It didn't help. Plan to contact Keurig again. My coffee tasted so much better with the old machine. I also noted on page 3 of the owner's manual this:
"WARNING - This product contains chemicals, including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm." Glad I won't be having more babies. Also noticed this product was made in China.

Oct 04, 2011
bitter and bad
by: Anonymous

I am on my third full sized unit. The last one stopped working after a few weeks and the coffee taste was bitter. I tried all the suggestions but nothing worked. The company sent me another unit for free and the coffee is still bitter. I followed all directions and troubleshooting. My fifteen dollar drip unit makes much better tasting coffee.
Any suggestions for a GOOD coffee maker for my wellness center. Even tea in the Keurig is bitter

Oct 03, 2011
Keurig Mini Dissapointing
by: BeanLover

There is a full size Keurig at work that seems to work great, but I recently bought a Mini for my home. The coffee tastes plastic-ey and wierd. I have tried washing the resivior many times, and just run tons of empty cups of water through it, but it still tastes like crap. To boot, the flavours of the coffee/teas that I use at work are not there when I use the mini. Anyway, i'm taking the Mini back today and swapping it for a full sie unit.

Apr 04, 2011
Received early December 2010 and never a good cup
by: Anonymous

I received a Keurig Blue Platinum Series Quiet Brewer in early December. I have never had a good cup. It always tastes washed out. I never tried contacting the company, as I only drink coffee at home on the weekends. I will try giving them a call.

Feb 05, 2011
Hose Water
by: Anonymous

I does taste like hose water or dish water...terrible. I tried vinegar and it did not help.

Jan 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've had the Kurig since the summer 2010 and I LOVE the Colombian fair trade select but lately the coffee has been terrible it has that weird smell (the coffee used to smell GREAT when I made a cup) and now the taste is very watery and bitter. I even bought two boxes of the coffee thinking it was a bad batch.. I emailed Kurig and they said I will get a response in two days. Its been a week..

Jan 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Tastes like plastic
Also a bit concerned about the health aspects of drinking coffee that is brewed through a heated plastic holder that holds the grounds.
They should have come up with a more healthful process.

Jan 19, 2011
Tired of cold coffee
by: Anonymous

I'm tired of having cold coffee. I have to heat it in the microwave everytime. I returned the first one and this one is still the same, what gives?

Jan 17, 2011
tasteless coffee
by: Anonymous

Make sure you get the coffee ground fine enough - the wire filter is very fine and can handle coffee ground for paper filters - the coffee is only in contact with the water for a brief time - with a fine ground you maximize the contact between water and coffee....

Jan 10, 2011
bad smell and taste
by: Anonymous

I've tried 3 new b6o brewers and everyone has a bad chemical smell and taste . using vinegar doesn't help. I know its not the water or resevoir because I have an old model tha brews good coffee bue it is very nnoisy. thought i"d try a new model with quiet brew tech. when my old one quits I'm done with keurig.

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