Kitchenaid Red Coffee Maker KCM511 - Bringing Color to Your Kitchen

The Kitchenaid Red coffee maker KCM511.   Too many appliances only come in boring colors and while black or white will go with nearly anything, you may want your kitchen to have a little more personality than this.

That's why a Kitchenaid red coffee maker could provide the spice that you need.

In addition to simply being red, the KCM511 model is one that can serve up a great cup of coffee without much effort or delay.

One reason that the KCM511 Javastudio model is so effective is because it contains an 1100 watt heating element.

This will start heating the water in your coffee machine's reservoir instantly, which will cut down the time that you need to wait for your pot of coffee to be finished.

Such a large heating element will allow you entire pot to be finished brewing in a much shorter time than other coffee machines may work at.

The Kitchenaid KCM511 model itself is a good choice because it includes a number of design specifications which make brewing coffee easier. These design features will include:

  • A water filter to make sure the purity of your coffee is high
  • A flat-bottomed brewing basket which will make it easier to load filters and coffee grounds
  • The water dispenser is a shower head, which will distribute water all over the coffee grounds, instead of in one location
  • The glass carafe is dishwasher safe, making the coffee machine easier to clean
  • Automatic shut off will ensure safety in case you forget to turn the unit off
  • A cord storage compartment will help prevent the cord from getting in your way

The controls of this Kitchenaid red coffee maker is easy to use as well. Large buttons are easy to read, which will help you with setting the programmed controls for your unit.

The digital clock will always keep time and will also allow you to set a function where automatic brewing will begin at a specified time.

You shouldn't ever need to worry about waiting a long time for your coffee to begin again.

It's easier than ever to start enjoying your coffee early with the KCM511 Javastudio as well.

This unit features a brew-pause button, which will allow you to halt the flow of your coffee while you pour yourself a quick cup of coffee.

You won't have to wait for the entire pot to finish before you enjoy your first cup of the day.

Considering that this coffee pot can hold up to 10 cups of coffee, you'll want to get your day started right as soon as possible.

Will the Kitchen Aid KCM511 Make Your Coffee Better?

One of the best advantages which this Kitchenaid red coffee maker provides is the ion-exchange water filter.

Instead of using regular tap water to make your coffee and risking having an aftertaste come about because of it, you will be running your water through a permanent filter.

This will help remove the presence of any unwanted elements and flavors in your normal tap water.

The coffee which is later poured into your pot will be made with some of the freshest water available and you will enjoy the resulting cup of coffee even more.

The brewing cycle itself has special attention paid to it. Most brewing baskets will have the water poured into them through a single spout.

While this will effectively deliver the coffee and soak the grounds, the spot where the water is poured will be concentrated.

All of the grounds in that spot will become over-saturated with water and the resulting taste will be weakened. You won't get as pure of a cup of coffee with it.

The Kitchen Aid KCM511 coffee maker, however, features a shower head spout in the unit. This will distribute the water all over the entire brewing basket, making sure that each area of the grounds is equally covered with the hot water.

No one area will be more exposed to the water than another and you will have a uniform brewing cycle which should result in a stronger, better tasting cup of coffee.

How Easy Is Cleanup With A Kitchenaid KCM511?

Considering that the 10 cup glass carafe of this unit is dishwasher safe, you should be able to stick it directly into the washer and not need to worry about scrubbing it out by hand.

Other, more delicate units will require more maintenance and will ultimately cut down on your coffee drinking pleasure. This red coffee maker will eliminate that hassle.

Another great feature which can result in less mess is the fact that the water reservoir is located in the front of the machine. Whenever you want to make a batch of coffee, you will pour the water in through the front of the unit, instead of the back. This won't make you move the coffee machine around a great deal and risk sloshing water all over. When this appliance is more stationary, you run less of a risk of accidentally causing a mess.

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