Krups Coffee Maker - A Reliable Name In Coffee Makers

The story behind Krups coffee maker begins in 1846 in a workshop where metal objects were made for various industries. Based in Germany, Krups became a renowned factory as it sought to provide products that had precision and technical perfection.

  After WWII, the Krups family decided to re-launch its company and they began to transform a few original ideas into successful post-war products. It was in 1956, Krups launched its first electric coffee grinder and sold one million within their first manufacturing year. This enterprise began their successful foray into state-of-the-art kitchen and household products.

The Krups F468 coffee maker is a direct descendent of the ONKO coffee maker. It later became known as the T8, initiating the current high-tech coffee makers that espresso, cappuccino, latte, and coffee drinkers the world over praise daily as they wake up to their favorite coffee beverage each morning.

Krups Coffee Makers And their Reliability

With a company history 150+ years, Krups offers reliability and modern technology in all of its products, especially in the Krups coffee machines. Krups is well known in the field of coffee makers and has produced some leading edge coffee makers that other companies seek to emulate.

Range Of Krups Coffee Machines

Krups products can be purchased online and at retailers worldwide. You can find their coffee makers in homes around the world with people who are hooked on the Krups brand as they are on the coffee they produce.

With such a wide variety of coffee machines, you can find the perfect krups coffee maker for you to provide your perfect cup of java. From automatic drip machines such as the Krups FMF5 and the Krups FME4, you can drink you favorite brand of coffee with just the right depth of flavor and still have plenty leftover to share with friends.

The specialty machines such as the Krups KM7000 and the Krups F468 provide the coffee connoisseur with aroma infused coffee that makes for a great wake-up call every morning. And again, there will be plenty to share with friends and family.

The Krups espresso machines range in price and degree of technicality but always provide a special tasting brew for your coffee pleasure. There are automatic espresso machines that will allow you to make a cup of your favorite brew but also allow your friends to choose their own favorite brew, each of you receiving the perfect cup of hot coffee.

The Krups pump and steam espresso machines allow those who like their coffee to drink a great cup of coffee but they also allow you to whip up a wonderful latte or cappuccino for those who like a little froth in their brew.

And, of course, the Krups combination espresso coffee makers allow you to make coffee and espresso for you and your household from one coffee machine without taking up all your countertop space are a big hit as well.

Krups Coffee Maker Parts And Replacements

Krups also provides customer service and parts for all their coffee machines, from the most simple to the most technical. You can go online on Krups official website and type in your zip code, allowing you to find the service dealer nearest your home. Hard to find replacement parts can be ordered online to arrive at your home in a good amount of time.

The Krups dealer can provide accessories for your coffee machines or you can order those online as well. There are descalers and replacement carafes for those that have been broken and lids for the ones that the dishwasher ate. Filters that help keep the chlorine and other mineral deposits from the water are an important part of you machine maintenance as well as necessary to the perfect taste of your coffee.

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