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The history behind today’s Melitta coffee maker goes back to the beginning of 19th century.   Coffee was discovered in the 13th century and connoisseurs have been looking for the best preparation technique ever since that time.

In 1908, a German housewife, Melitta Bentz, hit upon a way to keep the coffee grounds out of the coffee. She became an inventor by puncturing a brass pot and then lining the pot with some blotting paper. At that point, the modern drip Melitta coffee maker was born. The Melitta Company was established in 1908 after she registered her invention with the Patent Office in Berlin, Germany. The device was called, "Filter Top Device lined with Filter Paper."

By the 1930’s, the shape of the filter had changed into a cone-shape. Ridges were placed in the cone-shaped filter to allow the coffee more room to brew, and the cone-shaped paper filter was patented.

The Melitta Company has led the way in innovation since that time as well. Paper filters have been reworked so that there are natural brown coffee filters which use unbleached pulp and white coffee filters that that have been bleached using an oxygen-cleansing method instead of chlorine.

One of the newest advances in paper filters was developed in 1997. These coffee filters with Flavor Pores are made with micro fine pores, allowing more of the aroma and the coffee taste to stay in the coffee brew while still filtering out the grounds and sediment from the coffee.

Melitta USA

The Melitta USA company makes is headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The coffee roastery is in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The mother company is in Minden, Germany.

Besides Melitta coffee makers and coffee, the Melitta Group manufactures a wide variety of products. Look for Melitta brands in air filtering devices and humidifiers, vacuum bags and cleaning products, and foils and wraps.

Not only does Melitta seek to do a great job at manufacturing their products, they also participate in community efforts wherever any of their operations are located.

They also help with the groups and needs that their employees support. They support cancer awareness and prevention events in New Jersey and Florida, Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald House fundraisers, food drives and other local efforts for the good of their communities.

Their website gives a short history of how coffee was discovered and how it developed, listing various people and places important to how it arrives in your home today.

It also describes the coffee as it is grown and where the various flavors and varieties are grown.

Melitta Coffee

Melitta offers several unique flavors of coffee as well as the basic Columbian, European, or Decaffeinated flavors. You might want to try their French Vanilla or maybe you really want to step out and try one these flavors: Gingerbread, Sugar Cookie, Caramel Macaroon, Caramel Pecan Roll, Blueberry Cobbler, and Strawberry Shortcake, to name a few. You can purchase these as well as their Melitta coffee makers and coffee filters online at their website.

They offer electric coffeemakers, non-electric coffeemakers, grinders, frothers, and espresso makers as well as the mill and brew and pod coffee makers we have described here.

For a great price you can invest in a Melitta Coffee Maker that will delight your taste buds. Whether you choose the one cup at a time coffee machines or the 10 cup coffee makers, you will be pleased with the quality, workmanship and style of these Melitta Coffee Makers.

Look online or at your favorite retailers to discover the perfect coffee maker for the perfect cup of coffee by Melitta.

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