My Keurig shuts itself off immediately after turning on

by JD

We bought a keurig and we are happy with it but several times recently I have turned it on to warm up, only to come back in the room and find it has shut itself off after only minutes.

We have an automatic shutoff feature that is set to 1 hour but this is shutting off well before that. This morning I could hear the machine almost straining to complete the brewing of my cup of coffee and then it shut itself off immediately after.

I"m not sure if I should contact the company for a replacement.

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Mar 16, 2012
Keruig Coffee Maker
by: Jennifer Slate

I am outraged that this coffee maker is so expensive and comes with alot of hype. However the delivery of excellance is lost on me. The mere fact that the internet is swamped with suggestions on how to fix it starting with using paper clips, toothbrushes to clean the filter and even shaking and hitting the machine to get it to work is a public relations nightmare because when you call customer service they dont seem to know what to do either, but the fact they don't offer you a new one says to me they would go broke if they had to replace everyones coffee maker. I know at least 20 people who own this coffee maker and all say it makes excellant coffee when it works but that is the problem no one has been able to keep one working longer than 6 months. I paid over $160 for mine, what a disappointment and really to think the old style coffee pots that cost considerabley less would last years not months. Keruig needs to step up and fix this consumer nightmare. What ever happened to quality control? What ever happened to customer satisfaction. Your coffee maker and coffee are expensive and insults the customer to realize they have essentially been ripped off. Big surprize that a company is more concerned about profit than their customers opinion of their company.

Sep 25, 2011
this worked!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig was not brewing a full cup of coffee and so I followed a suggestion elsewhere on this site: I emptied out the water and turned the entire unit upside-down and hit it several times--hard. When I plugged it back in I had a new problem, which was that it shut itself off before the Ready to Brew indicator turned on. Ugh! I thought I broke it for good! As a last resort, I tried the beating technique one more time, this time shaking it violently as well. Voila! It fired right up, did not shut off--and is now making a full cup of coffee to boot! Ahhhhhhhh, it's a beautiful thing. :-)

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