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Don't Let Your Office Outgrow Your Coffee Maker

  Office coffee makers form an essential part in many workplaces today.

If you do not have a reliable coffee maker or if you are using a model which is just suitable for home use – how long do you think will the machine last on busy mornings in your office?

Choosing a durable coffee maker is especially crucial if you have twenty or so employees – a basic coffeemaker for home use will just not do.

The solution is to find a model which is specifically designed for office use. The manufacturers of these coffee makers know the demand that your employees will make on the coffee machine – so they are designed it accordingly.

Did you know that some business owners or managers even use industrial coffee makers to ensure that their caffeine addicted employees will have a day-long supply of steaming, hot coffee?

However, if you are on a budget, there is a good line of approved office coffee makers out there which are perfectly suitable.

Types of Office Coffee Makers

Commercial coffee makers come in a variety of sizes and types.

Here is a list of the different types of coffee makers you can get, weather you are a small office looking for caffeine solutions or a large establishment looking to please its employees.

  • Double brewer or dual carafe coffee makers
  • A double brewer coffee maker is perfect for an office setup if you need to cater to fewer than 20 people at a time. These are basically an extension of home coffee maker but with double the capacity. It comes with 2 carafes instead of just one. The carafes are capable of brewing 10 - 12 cups of coffee each, simultaneously.

    Like in the case of home drip coffee makers, the dual carafe coffee makers are also available as regular or thermal models.

    Take the Krups 324 Duothek Dual Thermal Coffee Machine as an example. It has two independent brewing systems.

    You can brew regular coffee on one side – while the other side can be used to brew decaffeinated coffee.

    The Krups Dual Thermal coffee maker is a versatile enough machine, because you can use the flavor selector option when brewing smaller quantities.

    More importantly, you can have hot coffee all day because it has a double-wall stainless steel inside and out insulated carafe.

  • Plumbed coffee makers
  • Another type of coffee maker which is suitable for offices is the plumbed type.

    These models can be installed on the wall and hook directly to the water supply. As a result, there is no need for anyone to manually prepare the coffee since the unit is already hooked to the water supply.

    One of the best models under this category is the Keurig B3000 which offers an unlimited, back-to-back brewing feature – perfect for those busy Monday morning meetings when the machine needs to work overtime.

    Bunn is another popular name as a supplier for reliable office coffee machines.

  • Coffee Urns
  • Coffee urns are large-sized percolators which are suitable for large offices.

    Check out the Twin 3 Gallon Automatic Coffee Urn U3 from Bunn. This model brews 18.1 to 20/9 gallons of perfect coffee per hour.

    The body is made of stainless steel, and it also has the half-batch option so you do not need to brew a full pot on less busy days.

  • Specialty Coffee Machines
  • If boosting your employee morale is high on you list of priority there is the option of being able to serve specialty coffees to your staff.

    Coffee machine options from brands such as Flavia and Nespresso offer the choice of making your favourite Cappuccions, Lattes and a wide variety of their popular drinks all at the touch of a button.

    Nespresso has a range of Business Solutions coffeemakers, which are specifically designed for use in an office environment.

    Another great brand that you can check out is Flavia. They also have a range of coffee maker models for business use – which combines stylish designs with full functionality.

  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Lastly, there are always the coffee vending machines that you can rely on. These coffee machines are more suitable if you have 50 or more employees.

    As each individuals taste in coffee varies, a coffee vending machine gives each person the brew that they want.

Now that you have an idea about the wide range of office coffee makers that you can choose from, it will help you decide on the type of coffee machine that will satisfy the caffeine taste buds of your employees.

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