Unhappy Owner of Keurig coffee maker

by Kevin S
(New York, NY)

I purchased the Keurig coffee maker less than a year ago and it is a total piece of crap. Do yourself a favor and DON'T waste your money.

In less than three months it started acting up by not brewing, so shut it off, turn it on a few times and MAYBE it would work.

Clean it out, descale it and it works for a few weeks. Now it doesn't even brew more than 1/4 of a cup without shutting off. This one disgraceful product. The only good thing about it is the idea.

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Mar 13, 2012
Keurig has VERY POOR customer service
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Keurig coffee machine in December 2011. In January 2012 I purchased coffee from Keurig.com, everything was fine with the first order. I purchased my second order in March 2012; they charged me duty in the amount of $9.95 plus $1.29 HST. I sent an email message to customer service to inquire why they charged me this amount on the second order and not the first order. I received a poor response that did not answer my question; they just stated I was required to pay the duty. This was not my question, therefore I sent a second email (this time not so nice) to request that they answer my actual question. The response came back the next business day telling me I did in fact pay duty on my first purchase, and stated how much my credit card was charged. This was a joke, I am fully aware how much my credit card was charged and it was not as much as they stated. The also stated they would send me a coupon for a few free Kcups that I would be able to redeem with my next purchase. In order to take advantage of this offer I would have to spend another $64.40 to get $4.00 worth of free cups. At this point I decided to call their toll free line to discuss the issue. The woman on the other end of the spoke in a very rude tone and informed me the coupon they sent me offering 2 free boxes if I purchased an additional 2 boxes included shipping and duty and that the email clearly stated this. When I placed that order the shipping was not free so I order 6 boxes (4 at regular price and the 2 free ones) so that my order total would qualify for free shipping. She also stated that it was currently 9:19 pm (as if I am not able to tell time) and if I wanted to speak with someone else I would have to call back between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. I told her there was no way that I would use my vacation time to waste any more of my time on their company. This woman was so rude, I hung up on her and sent a third email to Keurig, demanding a proper explanation, and informing them of the conversation I had and forwarding the email I received that did NOT indicate that duty was included in the offer. I also demanded they provide me their HST registration number as they are required by law to automatically include it on any invoices over $30. Tonight when I came home, they did not respond to me by email, instead they called my home number (knowing I would not be there) and left me a message to call them. They did not answer my question, they did not give me their HST registration number that they are required to do by law, and they just ignored me again. My next step is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and inform as many people as I can to avoid others from going through the grief that I am. I am getting rid of this machine (I will not spend another penny of my money with this company). I will now purchase a Tassimo.

Jan 10, 2012
did you clean your right
by: Anonymous

I hear many complaints about the keurig and I just dont understand I have had my keurig for five years and it still works....

Nov 13, 2011
fed up a
by: cynthia

i have gone through 2 keurig model 60s in six months - both failed working with a couple months of purchase and given the price, this is really disappointing. i am really happy cuisinart has come out with a model in hopes they have worked out the bugs, as keurig obviously can/has not. i'll wait a couple months and get the reviews. in the meantime, i am going back to my reliable, krups drip machine.

Oct 21, 2011
love it
by: Ashley

I've gone through 3 Keurig machines in 2 years. The first one only lasted me a few months so we returned it to bed bath and beyond, the second one lasted almost a year and wouldn't power on anymore so I called Keurig and they sent me a brand new one free of charge. I've had that one for over a year now and had no problems (thankfully). If this one fails me, I'm switching to the Cuisinart model

Apr 07, 2011
customer service is helpful
by: mmmmcoffee

I called when i had problems with my B140. The staff were helpful and did troubleshooting with me. They resolved my problem by sending me another machine. I had it for 15 months. I can't complain the warrenty is only a year but they still honoured it. Honestly i would have bought another machine anyways - i'll never have a regular machine again. I love Keurig and after this good customer service i love them even more!

Mar 26, 2011
Good and Bad expperience
by: Anonymous

We bought the B40 model Christmas of 2009. We enjoyed the coffee maker for 7 months and then started having problems with it not filling the cup or not dispensing. I thought it was the coffee maker not working or the lines were clogged from the hard water. We would made one cup and turn the power off before heating cycle completed. This does allow the reservior to fully fill and completely reset for the next cup. Letting the maker complete the heating cycle provided a proper cup. No more problems. Unfortunately the plastic piece that holds the dispensing needle broke and water leaks. Parts cannot be purhased. Trying to glue the parts or buy a new Keurig. BTW, this company makes the Mr COffee and Cursiart single cup makers as well.

Mar 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, not sure if I want to call them or not. Have spent alot of money on the machine itself-150.00 and have just purchased a case of coffee, not happy at all!

Feb 27, 2011
by: rockinrnb

I used reward points to get a Keurig for Christmas and it worked for about a month then started dribbling out coffee. I got the manual, did all the trouble shooting, wasted 4 K cups and then called customer service. I walked through everything with them-they couldn't figure it out (ha! They know the problem-it's junk!) and sent me a new one. The guy told me I would then get a return UPS label to ship it back to them, but I never got one. You know why, it's not worth the $15 for them to ship it back and throw it away! Anyway, got the new one and guess what? It worked for about a month and the same thing started happening. DON'T BUY ONE OF THESE PRODUCTS-THERE IS OBVIOUSLY A SERIOUS DESIGN FLAW! Probably the smartest thing to do is buy a french coffee press!

Feb 02, 2011
Keurig - Poorly designed coffee maker
by: Anonymous

We bought a Keurig B70 coffee maker and the first month it worked great. Then it started to give us problems by not brewing a cup. We took it back to Costco and got another one. This machine worked for only a few weeks before it gave us problems. I am a mechanical engineer and I know about products that are well designed. The Keurig coffee maker is a poorly designed machine! A person should not have to constantly maintain their coffee maker in order for it to continue working.

Jan 27, 2011
Poor Customer Service at Keurig
by: Anonymous

I purchased the Platinum. From the start, there were coffee grounds in the coffe cup. I called, spent 30 minutes on the phone troubleshooting. The problem seemed to be eradicated. Alas, it started up again, coffee grounds and weird noises. Called Keurig again. Back to the troubleshooting. The first experience with the troubleshooting dept. was positive. I had to do different things to the machine, it took about 30 minutes. He assured me that if I had continual problems that I could call back and that he had entered all of my information. Ha. The second encounter was nothing of the sort. I had to give all my info., serial number of brewer, and the problems. I asked for a replacement and was put on hold. The worker told me that as a "one time accommodation, they would replace it. I queried as to what would happen if I got another defective machine and was told, "well, since you refuse to troubleshoot..." At this point I loudly told the worker that I had did the troubleshooting before and why was it my job to fix a defective machine? Looks like the BBB will be getting a letter.

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